Monday, July 18, 2016

Twins London & Lawrence is.....One Month Old!

Hi Divas,

                  Yes, its already 1 month. I can't believe I finally have my Princess and Prince. The first night home was scary but once we got on a routine, I have been amazed at how both of you have grown and shown so much personality. The Twins was born by C-Section on May 26th, 2016. I had a scheduled C-Section on May 27th but my water broke on the 26th @ 2:15am. I delivered at 9:23am Baby London was born with her brother Lawrence Caleb born at 9:25am. I was 38 weeks at the time of delivery.


Your current nicknames are LR, London Li, Riley, and Puddha. You love to lay on mommy chest, daddy's shoulder, taking naps in the car and bath time. You don't like to share space with your brother, your bassinet or your swing. London is the oldest born at 6 lbs and 17 inches. She was butt first and she cried once she came out. 

London is little miss independent. She is easy going, she loves to lay on her back in and entertain herself. She has started to make eye contact and listen for familiar voices. Car rides are great for her and she gets her sleep and just enjoys the rides. She is a very happy baby but she will get attitude if you do something she doesn't like. We are currently saying our ABC's, 123's and spelling her name to her. I know most people will say its too early but hey its never to early to teach your children education.


Your current nicknames are Caleb, LJ, Pooh, Stinker, Stink, Poppa & Handsome. You love to snuggle, eat, and sleep. Your favorite pass time is in your swing. You love the warm feel of a body. You are mommy snuggle buddy during those late nights as we have our mommy & son time. During bath time, you immediately know a warm bottle is coming afterwards and a nice baby massage, depending on the day you like and there are times your don't like it and want us to hurry up.

Born 2 minutes after your sister, you weight 6 lbs. l oz. at 17 inches, you was head down ready to enter this world.  You love a pacifier now but will go without it also if you have too. I love your strong grip, also you are lifting your head and hear familiar faces. You give the best kisses on my cheek. You totally dislike car rides if it disputes your sleep. You are your father's child when it comes to you sleep. I call you my little man, you show characteristics of mommy and daddy when it comes to your sleep routine.



My advice for moms especially new moms with twins is enjoy every moment. There are times I get frustrated or lost. But I just regroup and know everyday won't be perfect. Each day is different and that's what I love the most. When my babies are sleep, I sleep when I need to, eat good and stay hydrated cause breastfeeding twins is no joke. I also supplement with formula. The twins right now are breastfeeding 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes sometimes longer at night.
All advice is up to you on how you use it, not all advice will be good or helpful either. But its up to you to decide and your hormones is like your period all cray cray.

I know the first 3 months are going to be nuts but I wouldn't trade it at all. I have 17 years and 9 months to go, then comes college, families and grandkids. The circle of life.

I hope you enjoyed my twin update!! Look for more updates and videos coming soon. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel: Beautywithmika for my labor and delivery story.

Stay Blessed Divas!!