Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sneak Peek Skai 3


Hi Divas, 

Skai 3 will be coming out this Holiday season for you. I will update you on all of Sutton books coming this year for you along with links to purchase them.


Nina became hysterical as she looked into the bloodied bathroom. Skai began to gag. She had seen a lot in her time on this earth but never had she seen brain fragments splattered on a wall of a bathroom. Izzy and Roger quickly sprang into actions. Izzy lead the way toward Chrissy’s body laid out in the middle of the bathroom floor. Chrissy was not moving. Roger checked for a pulse, there wasn’t one. 
“This is not good. She is dead!” Roger said. 
“Fuck!” Izzy snapped. The next words that he heard sent shockwaves through his body. 
“Yes, please send help. She shot herself!!! I think she is dead…” His mother cried into the phone.  Izzy looked up. Fear and anger took over his body. The last thing that he needed was police there at the home. He did not need his house being a crime scene yet again. But it was too late. He snatched the phone from his mother and hung it up without even thinking. “Why did you do that?” Nina yelled at him. 
“We can handle this, ma!” Izzy snapped back.
“What the hell you mean we can handle this. She need some help. What the fuck is wrong with you?” she retorted. As much as Izzy wanted to keep his mother away from the life that he lived, it was time for her to know the truth otherwise they would all be under the jail. What he didn’t know was that the damage had already been done. 
“Mom, she is dead! There is nothing that we can do. But what I can’t allow is for my crib to be a damn crime scene. Hell, she shouldn’t have been here in the first place. I’m not mad that she dead if you really want to know the truth. I’m just pissed that I didn’t follow my first mind and slam the door in her damn face when she first showed up! Now look at this shit!” he was furious.  A second later, Izzy’s phone rang.
“What the hell is wrong with you, Izzy? She is family!” Izzy didn’t respond, instead he looked down at his phone. It was Detective Carter. He didn’t know rather to answer it or not. He decided not to but the detective called back to back until he did. 
“What up? I know that my time isn’t up yet?” Izzy said, trying to sound normal. 
“You tell me. I just heard over the scanner that there was a shooting at your home address. Units are seconds out. What the hell is going on?” Detective asked. Before Izzy could respond, a loud bang shook the front door. They all turned and looked at the door as the front windows glowed from the red and blue lights. Another bang came…Followed by another. Izzy knew that the only thing he can do now was to open the door and explain what happened. Before he could get there, the door flew off the hinges. Cops came rushing in with guns drawn, ready to shoot…

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