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Hi Divas,
                  Well I know we are all awaiting on this book and finally Sutton has given us a excerpt to leave us wanting more. Skai's the Limit 2 will have you going through twists and turns, more characters to love and hate. And of course Xavier and his crew return. Skai will be tested, but will she continue to remain loyal to Izzy?

Izzy laid in bed late that night missing Skai. He wanted to accept her back in his life but his pride wouldn’t allow him to do so. He felt betrayed by her and to some, it may not be a big deal, but Izzy took her letting him down extremely hard. After all he’d done for her, it was more embarrassing than anything.
The sound of the rain outside of his bedroom window relaxed him. The thunder was loud and the lightning was powerful. Izzy looked over at the clock, it was 2:11am. He clicked on his big screen and continued on with the FX series, Sons of Anarchy. Then he reached for his laptop, but before he could flip it open, the doorbell rang.
“What the fuck!” he said as he hopped out of bed. After grabbing his pistol off of the nightstand, he headed downstairs to the front door. Looking out the peep hole, he exclaimed, “What the hell?!” He quickly unlocked the door and snatched it open. Skai stood there drenched from the rain. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night in a damn thunderstorm?” he asked. He pulled her inside and closed the door as water dripped off of her as if she’d stepped out of a pool without a towel. “What are you doing out here, Skai?” Izzy asked again.
“You won’t take my calls,” she said.
“So you come out in a severe thunderstorm?!”
“If that’s what it takes,” she replied. “I can’t lose you. I am truly sorry for saying what I said to you and I don’t care how long it takes or how many times I have to apologize before you forgive me!”
“You’re gonna be sick, it is freezing out there. You have some clothes over here so go get out of that wet stuff,” he said.
“I don’t care. I’m not going anywhere or doing anything until you talk to me.”
“You are so damn stubborn. We can talk after you get changed.” She still didn’t budge. “Skai, go change out of that stuff before you catch a pneumonia. I promise I will give you a few minutes after you get changed,” he said, staring into her eyes.
She went upstairs to get changed. Her hair was soaked but she didn’t care one bit. Her focus was on the fact that she was not going to lose him. She would walk through a snowstorm to show him just how sorry she was.
Izzy went into the kitchen to make her some hot tea. He added a K-cup tohis Keurig System and cut up a lemon while the tea was brewing. Skai walked into the kitchen and as Izzy was adding a teaspoon of sugar, thunder rattled the kitchen window. Skai looked on as Izzy stirred the tea and his appearance made her panties wet. All he had on were pajama bottoms. The print of his dick made an imposing print in the crotch area of his pants. His chiseled arms, six pack, and impeccable pecks were on full-display. He had a fresh cut and his outline was perfect. His goatee was also trimmed to perfection. Not only was his physical appearance breathtaking, his heart was pure gold. She felt insensitive for degrading him the way that she had.
He walked toward her and handed her the tea. “You are relentless, I see,” he said. 
“I am, and I am also so apologetic. I made a huge mistake by coming at you the way that I did and I am going to be ‘relentless’ until you truly forgive me. I jumped the gun, I admit, and I’m sorry!”
“Like I stated earlier tonight, it’s deeper than what you said. You are not as loyal to me as I am to you. Allegiance is everything to a nigga like me. Inthe life I live, loyalty will either save you or body you. You let me know where your devotion and commitment lie, and they are not with me.”
“They are with you! I just felt sorry for Floyd. When I saw him on that bench, my heart sank and it took me back to our childhood. I knew he wasn’t a threat, but when you told me that you were investigating him, it upset me. I told you he wasn’t a problem but you went against my words and went after him anyway. Isn’t that the same thing that you’re chastising me for?” Izzy just looked at her and didn’t respond. “Do you realize that I have no family? None! Yes, I’m doing better financially, but I have no blood. My entire family turned their backs on us the minute my mother died. They would always say that we weren’t their responsibility. They use to say that they didn’t have the joy of making us, so they were not going to take on the responsibility of raising a group of bastards. No filter! Floyd and I only had each other. We hustled together, we scraped up food together and we fought together. It was just us, but when Floyd got into his late teens, he began running with his own crowd and that was the end of us until a few days ago. I guess I just yearned for the relationship that we use to have. Because of that, I didn’t think about what my words may do to you but I swear I didn’t mean it the way that it came across.” She looked him directly in the eyes as she spoke.“I guess I never thought of it like that,” said Izzy. “You are so lucky that I love you. You should never question my actions because if it’s something that I have to do to protect you, I will do it. That is something that will never change, but I will respect your feelings. I will listen to you, but you’re gonna have to trust me because I will never steer you wrong. I read people for a living. I instigate for a living. So if I feel the need to do that, I’m gonna do it because that’s just me. If that’s gonna be a problem then we may as well go our separate ways now.”
“I will never let that happen. You are stuck with me,” she said.
Izzy replied, “I would rather have it that way.” He leaned down and kissed her, then pulled away and looked at her. He kissed her again and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs firmly around his waist. He carried her over to the fridge and pressed her back up against it. He was firm already and she took control. She wasn’t interested in any foreplay. She wanted him, so she took him. She pulled his piece through the opening of his pajama pants, slid her panties to the side and let her wetness devour him in one slurp. He pushed deep inside of her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he brought his moist tongue to her neck. He licked and sucked on her neck while thrusting profusely inside of her. She moaned, he grunted, she hissed, he grunted some more and they braced each other while the fridge rocked with each thrust. She was taking every bit of what he was giving her as he gripped her ass. She bounced on his piece until she felt herself cumming. He knew by the sound of her breathing that he’d reached her spot. He gripped her tighter, turned around, and sat her down on the counter. He then murdered her G-Spot. Her eyes rolled again as she leaned backwards and tried to continue to take it quietly, but it felt too good for her to maintain her composure. He showed no mercy as he held her hands down and kept her legs spread wide. She no longer had control. He had the upper hand and he took full advantage of it. She screamed out for leniency and she screamed out for God as she begged Izzy to let up, but he didn’t abide. She tried to break loose but to no avail. He sped up until he ejected a U-Haul truck full of nut inside of her. Both their legs vibrated and trembled.
“I love you so much!” Izzy said into her ear. “I love you too,” she replied. Her private area was throbbing externally but the feeling inside of her was that of pure pleasure. After catching their breath, they both headed upstairs to shower. 
zzy never saw his phone ringing. He was getting calls back to back along with text messages but was too busy taking advantage of makeup sex. He never saw any of the contacts until it was too late. 



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