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Interview with Author ToppNotch Part 1

Hi Divas,

                  I love the book Blinded by the lights so when Author Topnotch asked your girl Mika to do an interview for my blog, I couldn't say no. As those of who don't know Blinded by the Lights can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Paperback Copies are available for $10 to purchase.

Toppnotch is signed to Tajana Sutton Ruby Love Publication Company where he released his first book Blinded by the lights, based off his experience in the music industry, Toppnotch creates OG characters and characters you will love, hate and some you can relate too.

To get to know more about the author himself.

Here is an exclusive interview with the man himself.

1What was the inspiration behind Blinded by the Lights?
Blinded by the Lights is basically the story of me and my homie (Merk Murphy) coming up in the music industry and how I envisioned our life would turn out if we kept grinding for our success. Over the years with our record label (G.O.T.T.A. Eat records) I’ve experienced the business side and lifestyle of an artist so I wanted to give the world my take on it.

2 What do you want your readers to know about you?
The most important thing for me as a writer is that I’m authentic. I’m as real as it gets on the streets and my writing is no different. When you read a Toppnotch novel you are getting a realistic view and insight on the lifestyle I’m depicting. Outside of that I want my readers to know that I write to right my legacy and afford my freedom. Despite my current situation of incarceration, and with my passion for writing, I can make my name known in a positive way and create a platform to shed light on the circumstances people like myself come from. I’m currently in California serving an inhumane sentence but have action at getting out when I can obtain a decent lawyer. I’m grinding with my talent to give this time back.

3What would you say you want others to learn from your story?
That dreams can become reality with ambition. I wrote Blinded by the Lights while in a San Diego county jail facing 45 to life. Instead of focusing on my fate, I chose to put my faith in my ambition. It doesn’t matter what your situation in life is if you have goals or a plan for your life, strive to obtain it. You’re worth it. 

4Why did you sign with Tajana Sutton and RLP?
As I said, I wrote the book while incarcerated with no knowledge of the literary business. Instead of being a novice, I educated myself on the genre ad started trying to network with people. Well it wasn’t going so well but out of the blue my mom told me about her facebook friend who had a publishing company. She told her about me and my book. Since that day Tajana has been more than my publisher. She’s been a mentor and an avid supporter of mine. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity Ruby Love Publications provided me.

5What should your readers expect to see with your next book?
Nostalgia ! I wanted to challenge myself with the second book in the Blinded by the Lights trilogy by taking my readers back to the story of Lac and Deville’s rise to power. Blinded by the Game – the Rise of Legends, takes place during the 60s through the 80s from their childhood being raised by dope fiends, learning life lessons in the streets to become the most powerful and feared organization in Chicago. I felt it was imperative to pay homage to those I looked p to and learned the game from. After that, it’s back to swag mag  fashion with the Blinded by the Fame – Da Swag Mag Curtain Call the third book of the trilogy.

What character do you relate to the most from Blinded by the Lights?
That’s tough because it’s all of me in every character. For the sake of your question, I would say Cashmir because he’s a real hustler that’s down for his team. Merk was my manager like 360 but I would have took the case like 360 did (feel me)

7If you could name your book in one word, what would it be?

8Who is Toppnotch and what do you stand for?
Toppnotch is the pinnacle of all things fly. I’m loyal to the game, I’m a businessman, I’m a visionary, I’m a seeker of knowledge, I’m influential, I’m a father and I’m single. I stand for integrity and making my voice heard. I stand for the struggles people that come from environments like mine and put them on display for the world to view. I stand for the incarcerated entrepreneurs that had lost their voice behind these concrete walls. I stand for my family who needs me regardless of my situation. I stand because I refuse to lay dormant to society’s standard of an inmate.

9What’s your favorite color?
I really don’t have one I like all hues.

1What’s your motivation in life and what do you aspire to become?
 I’m motivated and driven by my ambition. My possibilities aren’t confined by my situation. I live with a purpose and destined to succeed with my God given ability to write and motivate others. I’m motivated by my son, niece and nephew. As well as younger cousins who look up to me. I want to give them a lasting impression of striving towards success in positive productivity instead of memories of negativity. I aspire to become the next name in urban literature. The modern day Donald Goines. More than my aspirations in writing, I plan to become an advocate for the committed and at risk youth. I’m grindin to be great.


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