Monday, March 9, 2015


Hi Divas,

Now many of you know when I find a good book, I let you know. If you haven't this book is a must have for 2015. New Author Toppnotch book Blinded by the Lights is available on Toppnotch signed with Tajana Sutton Ruby Love Publications.

Who is Toppnotch?

His name is Damien but he uses Toppnotch for his work. I'm Damien "Toppnotch" author of Blinded by the Lights. I'm looking to debut my style of urban literature. Over the years I've always had a passion to write. It started when I was a kid writing poems and continued during my stint as a rapper. I had the attention of several people in the business with my songs Cooley High and Parlay which afforded me the opportunity to perform in numerous states. Besides from Blinded by the Lights which is a trilogy. I also have several other books and multiple screen plays that I have yet to publish. Coming from my surroundings (Cabrini Green projects in Chicago IL) writings has always been therapeutic. A way to express myself through art.

About the book - Blinded by the Lights is a fictional story of two childhood friends that discover that rap music was their way out of their environment of drug dealing and gang banging. Their rise to stardom comes with the pitfalls tagged the music industry and the fame provides. An in depth look at every aspect of the music business and the toll it takes on its artists. Also the allure of succumbing to the street life. Their struggles and triumphs to overcome are uniquely documented as they try nit to get Blinded by the Lights.


“Ever since Pam told me what happened, I haven't been able to sleep or think straight in fear of losing you. You're all I want and need and it’s really killing me to see you like this,” explained Jasmine tearfully.

Lingo gathered up enough energy to console his girl. “I know you're scared. Hell, I am too, but you have to be strong for the both of us and continue the mission we're on. I need you in school for those finals, babe. 360 will make sure I'm cool until you get back,” said Lingo. Jasmine was ready to boil over at the sound of 360’s name. 

“Fuck that Murray’s grease head ass nigga! He ain’t gonna do shit but brush his hair and watch you suffer. You always take up for him and do for him! Friend or no friend, that nigga ain’t no good,” said Jasmine with rage.

Even riddled with bullets, Lingo had to put his foot down to defend 360. “Look, we've been protecting each other since the sixth grade. We survived in the projects fighting with our backs together. If it wasn't for him, I would not have ever jumped on that stage for that talent show. I made it this far because of him and his family. My loyalty to him has me in this situation,” said Lingo, leaving a mean mug on his face. 

Seeing that she couldn't say anything to get through to Lingo, Jasmine gathered up her things and headed for the door. “Since I or what I say don't mean anything to you, act like I don't exist. Do like you did last night, don't call me!” uttered Jasmine as she left Lingo’s room in tears. 

Jasmine’s name could be heard echoing throughout the corridors of the hospital floor. The last thing Lingo needed was to be alone. It was the first time in a long time that he felt this way. He kept telling himself that she will be back. That he did the right thing as a friend to 360 by taking the shots that were rightfully his. The truth was he could've been wrong about both.

This book is a must have in your collection. Let me know if you have read this book yet and if not have you purchased it.

Stay Beautiful!


  1. Well, that excerpt certainly made me want to know what transpired next ... I'll definitely be purchasing!

    1. Oh yes, I love this book. It's a must have to read.