Monday, March 2, 2015

March Book Collab with Kay's Ways

Hi Divas,

So we are starting our second book for the month of March with Kay's Ways. As many of you know each month myself and Kay will choice a book or pick a book based off your recommendations and at the end of each month we will give you our full review on the book.

For February we choose to read La'Tonya West book Side Chic which is currently available for $.99 on

Kay and Myself have decided to continue to read the series of Side Chic and read Side Chic 2.

Amazon Describes Side Chic 2 (A RATCHET MESS) : Now that Lala has given birth to the twins she's started to see life differently. Things aren't just about her or her feelings for Tre anymore. She has agreed to stay in her lane and not bring any drama Tre's way as long as he agrees to handle his business when it comes to her children but will she be able to keep her word once she sees how attentive Tre is to his other kids and how unattention he is to hers? 

Lala isn't the only problem that Tre has, now that Tamika knows his secret she is using it to her advantage and she doesn't care about Kisha or Lala! She has her mind set on one thing and one thing only...making Tre hers but will she push things too far and end up getting more than what she bargained for? 

And last but not least, there's wifey, Tre's main chic Kisha. Kisha has stuck with him through thick and thin. She has taken him back time and time again and forgiven him more times than she can even count but has she stuck around strictly because of her love for him or could it be that she isn't as innocent as everyone thinks...
If you haven't read Part 1, trust me this book is a page turner, I highly recommend you grab this book up and start reading. Look for a full book review from Myself and Kay in April along with our next book read.

Let us know what book do you recommend for us to read next?

Stay Beautiful!

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