Thursday, February 26, 2015

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Gel Cleanser Review

Hi Divas,

                       Many of you know I love skincare, and every 3 months I usually change my cleansers but lately for the last 6 months I loved the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Gel Cleanser, now there is a difference based off your skin type between the gel cleanser and the creamy cleanser.

I have oily skin, if you have combination oily skin, you will love this cleanser. But if you are have Normal/Dry or Dry/Combination you will like the creamy cleanser.

Normal or Dry/Combination Skin

I have used this cleanser on my clarisonic Mia 1 & 2, with my hands and traveled with it. I will say I have not used it to remove my makeup but after using a makeup wipe I have noticed this helped pull up all my makeup left behind on my clarisonic.

After speaking with the Philosophy rep. I informed her how interested I was in the this product and heard so many great things about it, so after asking the questions I wanted about my skin. She informed me that since I have oily skin the cream version of this brand would't work for me but the gel cleanser is better for oily skin types.


So I use this cleanser for the these 3 reasons:
1. removes dirt, oil, impurities and all traces of makeup from my face.

2.rinses off completely clean, leaving my skin feeling soft and not tight

3. Deep clean thats great for oily skin types

It comes in a clears gel. I used a little squirt onto my clarisonic Mia 2, and it cleanse my skin well. What I did notice, is that it doesn't produce a luxurious foaming consistency. The foam was very minuscule which is something I loved about it.

In my honest opinion this cleanser is great for a daily use, I use it twice a day 3 times a week after I remove my makeup. Once I apply this on my clairisonic it removes everything in one round less than 1 minute of use. It lathers up just like I like it and only require a small dime size on my brush. 

For the Gel Cleanser you will find it in 1 size for $23, you can purchase it at SephoraUlta and

These products work for all skin types and races, it’s up to you to figure out which one is best for you. Let me know how you feel about it because I want to hear which one works best for you, or which product you use for a nightly, daily cleanser.
Stay Beautiful!!

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  1. The Purity cream cleanser is my holy grail facial wash. so gentle for my sensitive sking but still effective. Works great on my dry skin