Friday, February 13, 2015

NEW BOOK ALERT: Blinded By The Lights Author: Toppnotch

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Now I must say yes, this year you will find more book releases from me. So of course I had to let you know that New Author Toppnotch is coming out with a book under Tajana Sutton Ruby Love Publications. I will be giving you a brief history about this author in another post and I must say this book is a must have this year. I love the characters, Toppnotch takes you behind the lights and fame into the true story of music, love, lies, and loyalty. This book to me is very different than most fictions I have read. I love the detail to attention with the characters and how everyone connects. HUSTLE is not the word for these characters, you will be drawn into this book. Release date isn't set yet, but I will let you know and provide a link coming soon. Also log-in Tajana Sutton Deja Fan Group for updates on this book and other's coming out from her publication company.



Back in the projects, things were as normal. Everybody was hustling. Fiends hustled in the streets for cash, hustlers were on their grind with drugs in the lobby for the fiends and a few families had candy houses equipped with everything from penny candy to loose cigarettes. 360 were back at home. Parking his exotic ride, he jumped out on the phone looking like a star. He handed a crack head a ten dollar bill to wipe his car down before entering the building. Heading to the elevator, hoodrats were shooting their shot at a chance to escape with him for a day. Laughing off the advances, he realized that the elevator wasn’t working [a project ritual] so he climbed the piss infested stairwell to the sixth floor. Known as headquarters, this was where his uncles and Lingo’s dad reigned for years. Of his two uncles, 360 leaned on Deville for more advice. His uncle, Lac, was more so the money line when he wanted something. Walking into the lavish apartment, 360 caught Deville watching an old Western film with Clint Eastwood in it on the living room couch.

“I’ve been worried about you boy. I heard shorty’s talking ‘bout Lingo got shot. How he holding up?” asked Deville, shutting off the TV.

“He’s maintaining, after five shots. The bogus part about it was that they were aiming for me. Somebody wants me dead, Unk!” said 360 frantically. He then went into how the situation unfolded and how Lingo jumped in the way to save his life.

 Deville took in all the information before telling 360 what he thought. “Y’all rookies are in a major league. On top of that, that boy Lingo putting his foot down in it. Niggas are envious and would do whateva it takes to stay relevant in the game. Now, for a star studded event of that magnitude, I know security was tighter than this building. Anything bigger than a .380, can’t be concealed from a pat down.” Deville was schooling his nephew who listened intently. “Find out who was in charge of the security detail and we’ll shake their asses up. As for Lingo, that was a stand up move he made for you. With his fame increasing, he could have easily watched you die and wrote a song in your memory. Stay on top of his business like we did for his dad. He reminds me a lot of ol’ A- Train. You know that when the Feds came looking for him, they were ‘bout to comb the entire building to search and fuck our shit up. Instead of taking everybody down with me him, he turned himself in like a real gansta. For that, we put ten grand on his books every single month,” said Deville while rolling up a joint.

 360’s phone lit up just as Deville sparked his joint. “Unk, I gotta roll. I’ma put you in tune about everything a lil’ later,” said 360, heading for the door.

“Before you go, take this with you.” Deville went under the couch cushion, producing a Glock 9mm. “This should keep a nigga up off you, but you be careful boy!”

360 had never even carried a blade before, but a knife wasn’t going to cut in a gun fight. On his way back to his car, 360 thought back to the candid conversation he had with Boss. How he paid for everything to be perfect and tried to make it seem like it was my fault Lingo got hit. It still didn’t add up. If he wanted me dead, he had numerous occasions to pull it off. Why wait for the biggest night of Lingo’s career? 360 thought as he exited the building. He stopped shortly to show the hustlers some love and to collect well wishes for Lingo when Cash Mir called again. Not in the mood for talking, 360 simply text him, letting him know that he was on his way to the studio for the meeting.
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  1. Sounds good, I'll look out for it on Amazon.

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  2. Thanks for the review, sounds like a fabulous read.

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  4. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great book, worth checking out! :)