Friday, December 5, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks Review

Divas & Gents,

               First off, let me say how much I love Kat Von D cosmetics line. Yes, I said it. I love her cosmetic line. I have been wearing her new Studded Kiss lipsticks which are available in 30 shades on or in-store. These lipsticks drench your lips with bold color and unstoppable femininity. With a 10-hour wear , one-swipe payoff, and velvet touch comfort.” It had semi-opaque color coverage, but the consistency is slightly stiff, so it is difficult to get “one-swipe payoff” as it doesn’t glide across the lips in one go.

It is a little tough to apply, so you may be better off applying exfoliating and applying a lip moisturizer before applying these. The coverage is fairly even, though it isn’t even in some places. They last for seven-eight hours, though I did apply lip moisturizer on top during the day.

 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick  are as a high end lipstick but at a mid-range price tag of just $21. The packaging is pretty incredible with sturdy, solid very slick looking black studded tubes. I will say the cap doesn't stay closed completely and I recommend you roll your lipstick down so you won't the lipstick. I have found my lipstick cap popped off several times. If you love packaging then you  are you’re going to really love this edge-y tube. Not only is the packaging awesome but you’re also looking at a huge selection of shades here! One thing I love about the Kat Von D Makeup Collection is the fact she sets the bar high each year with new packaging, new products and new shades. The quality gets better and better each year and it shows in her releases. She is one to not just throw anything on the counter and allow it to sell. Her detail to attention and what her brand represents is great. This is a reason I will always invest my money in her makeup line.


For the holidays I would recommend getting the gift set at Which is value at $39 instead of purchasing $21 for one lipstick. The gift set is more affordable and a great stocking stuffer for friends, co-workers, and Secret Santa.

Studded Kiss Lipstick ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

*Noble Matte petal pink

*Agatha Matte pink nude

*Lovecraft Matte berry beige

*Lolita Matte dusty rose

*Cathedral Matte coco rose

*L’Ecole des Femmes Matte salmon pink

*A Go Go Matte bright orange

*Countess Matte hot coral red

*Adora Metallic candy apple red

*Underage Red Matte bright crimson

*Hexagram Matte blood red

*Archangel Matte rusty red

*Hellbent Matte fire engine red

*Bachelorette Matte dark reddish fuchsia

*Backstage Bambi Matte vivid hot pink

*Sexer Matte fluorescent pink

*Lullabye Matte magenta violet

*L.U.V. Matte rich violet

*Wonderchilde Iridescent neon lilac

*Coven Matte lavender

*Wolvesmouth Metallic berry

*Prayer Matte deep mauve

*Bauhau5 Matte deep raspberry

*Vampira Matte deep reddish burgundy

*Homegirl Matte black cherry

*Motorhead Matte black red

*Poe Shimmer navy

*Slayer Matte pitch black

*Thin Lizzy Sparkling brick copper

*Gothica Shimmer bronze


I highly recommend adding these lipsticks to your collection, if you can't afford the individual lipsticks, the gift set gives you more bang for your buck.

Let me know what you think and if you purchased any of these lipsticks.

Stay Beautiful!!


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