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As the story continue to come to life, I want to introduce you to a another character from P. Dotson new book coming soon.




   China sat on her living room floor hugging her knees to her chest. She stared at the contents on her end table. If she could only find the courage to be rid of that white powdery substance that clasped her soul and refused to let go. Her throat was dry, and her skin was drenched with sweat. She slowly rocked back and forth humming to herself.

   Each time she promised herself the last fix was her last, but she was fighting a losing battle. She couldn’t shake the monkey that clung to her back. Her body had become dependent on that poisonous substance that decorated her end table. She could barely go a day without it running through her veins or putting it up her nose. It had become a part of her everyday living. She knew she was a flat out fiend as she crawled to the end table. Her hands shook violently as she inhaled deeply, feeding her desire.

   Within seconds she felt like she was floating on cloud nine. This felt like an ‘out of body’ experience. She was no longer sitting home alone on her living room floor. She went back to a place where she wished she could stay forever. To a place where she was happy, a time when she felt nothing in her life could go wrong, when the love of her life Dre, was still alive.

   Dre was her everything, the air she breathed, the blood that circulated her veins, the beat to her heart; he was the love of her life. They first met while Dre was in college. They were complete opposites. Dre was a schoolboy majoring in business management, with good grades. He was well-mannered and clean cut with a promising future. China on the other hand was a wild child; she barely went to school, had the mouth of a sailor and at a young age started using drugs. Her parents had given up on her. Her mother was at her wits end and was two seconds from kicking her out on her ass. They thought she was destined for failure; that is until she met Dre.

   China, and her friend Nene were at Morgan State’s Homecoming. They had no business being there barely seventeen but neither one of them were fazed; they always managed to sneak their young asses into twenty-one and over clubs anyway. China was decked out in hip hugging Capris that outlined her well-developed curves and a cherry red halter top that showed off her flat midsection. China was definitely eye candy with her caramel colored skin, oval face and hazel slanted eyes. Her shoulder length hair was styled in a wrap, with neatly trimmed bangs.

   “You drinking tonight?” Nene asked popping her gum in China’s ear.

   “Yes,” China replied visibly annoyed with Nene’s childish antics. They walked through the crowd in search of alcohol.

   “Damn ma, you wearing the hell out of them jeans,” a hopeful said looking to get lucky as he eyed China’s ample bottom.

   “Thanks,” China said casually over her shoulder and kept it moving. He wasn’t her type. He was cute but she could tell he was trying to stunt, because the huge ear ring he rocked in his right ear was cubic zirconia, but he was trying to pass it off as a diamond. That was a turn off for her anyway. She thought a man with pierced ears was unattractive.

   After getting their drinks China and Nene found a vacant spot on the wall and posted up and did what teenagers do, talk about people. While cracking up after Nene peeped out a chick whose heels were leaning on Jesus, China got the sense someone was watching her. She momentarily took her eyes off sistah girl and scanned the crowded dance floor until her eyes finally connected with his. That’s when she saw him, the love of her life. He was out on the dance floor with some rhythm-inclined chick, but she could feel his eyes were focused solely on her. He was a deep chocolate brother, with a bald head, and there was nothing China liked more than a bald head.

   China cocked her head to the side and held her drink acknowledging him. She then boldly walked over to where he was and rudely interrupted his current dance session. Dre immediately dissed his rhythm inclined dance partner and started grinding with China to R. Kelly’s “Honey Love.” There was no way he was going to miss this train ride. What he did by dissing that girl was out of character for him but it was something about this girl that had him hypnotized.

   “So what’s your name?” Dre asked, his lips touching her ear sending a chill down her spine.

   “China, and yours?” she asked, looking over her shoulder and smiling up at him.

   Her smile instantly captivated his heart. “De’Andre, but everybody calls me Dre, but you can call me whatever you want baby.”

   China shook her head and laughed at his weak pick up line. They danced together the entire night. They talked and laughed as if they were old friends and have known each other for years. China felt absolutely free in Dre’s presence and he felt the same. China gazed at him wantonly, as she held onto his every word. While they were together it was as if no one else existed. It was just him and her. As she peered into his eyes she knew she’d found her soul mate.

   “Where are you from?” Dre asked as they stood outside enjoying the slight breeze that danced across his skin.

   “The boring town of Preston.”

   He looked at her. “Oh ok, you’re not that far from home. So you must go to school around here?”


   “Oh really? What you have friends over this way?”

   “You can say that?”

   Dre looked at her suspiciously. “How old are you?”

   “Seventeen,” China replied with hesitation. If it were anyone else she would have lied with no problem and said eighteen, but for some reason with Dre she couldn’t.

   Dre nearly choked on his drink. “Repeat that?” he said wiping off his shirt.

   “Seventeen,” China said without skipping a beat.

   “Damn, you trying to get a nigga locked up. For real!” he said shaking his head. He had no idea she was just seventeen.  He took in her curves and quickly downed the rest of his drink.

   “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,” China said folding her arms across her chest.

   He smiled, he liked her sassiness. “I like you though. You’re cool I could see myself chilling with you. It’s a shame,” he said shaking his head while rubbing his chin. “Jail bait.”

   “And your point?” she said rolling her neck getting an attitude. She was feeling Dre. She would hate if he allowed her age get in the way of them getting to know each other a little better. “How old are you?”


   She cocked her head sideways and eyed him slowly from the top of his head down to his fresh butter timberland boots. “Kiss me,” she whispered. Since she laid eyes on him she wanted to taste his full juicy lips. Every time he licked them she felt her clit jump.


   “You heard me,” she said boldly taking a couple of steps towards him, purposely invading his personal space. They were standing directly in front of each other, their faces only inches apart. “Kiss me.”

   As much as he tried to fight his urge to do so, Dre simply couldn’t deny her request. He needed to taste her pouty and sensual lips. China grabbed his face and pressed her lips to his. Sparks begin to fly and Keith Sweats “Make it Last Forever” started playing in the back of Dre’s mind. Dre couldn’t resist, as he took control and seized the opportunity to entangle China in his secure and warm embrace. He gently stroked her back and ran his fingers through her hair.

   “Oh, wow,” China said pulling away attempting to catch her breath. She cleared her throat, still trying to take in the passionate kiss she just shared with Dre. No one has ever kissed her like that. You couldn’t tell her it wasn’t the Fourth of July. Her young pussy was throbbing and begging to be touched.

   “That bad?” Dre asked.

   “No the complete opposite.”

   He smiled making her insides melt. They stood awkwardly gazing at each other. He was just about to kiss her again, but they were rudely interrupted.

   Fed up with watching China and Dre, Nene rudely made her presence known. “Damn bitch, where the fuck you been? I’ve been looking for your black ass all night. We have to bounce Bee Bop is about to leave us,” she said clearly jealous. Nene, China’s ride or die friend since grade school was a beautiful young bombshell also. Light skin with soft brown eyes and a banging body to match. She was jealous of China, because whenever they were out China’s exotic features always seem to outshine hers and Nene couldn’t stand it.

   China rolled her eye,s mad because Nene interrupted what was about to be another intimate moment between her and Dre. She wasn’t quite ready for the night to end. “Well I guess this is good-bye,” she said sadly.

   “Not good bye. More like see you later. Let me get your number if you don’t mind?”


   “Okay,” he said saving the number in his cell phone. “I won’t call after nine.”

   “Ha! Ha! Real funny,” she laughed playfully punching him in the arm. “Give me a hug,” she demanded.

   Dre did as he was told. China savored the security of his arms. “I’m a call you a’ight,” he said kissing her on the forehead.

   “A’ight,” she said reluctantly releasing him, not ready to leave his embrace.

   “Come on let’s go hoe,” Nene said on the verge of throwing up.

   Meeting Dre was the best thing that could have happened to China. He made a huge impact on her life, making her change her wild ways. He didn’t tolerate drugs of any kind and stressed the importance of an education, instilling in her that having an education is the one thing in this world no one could ever take away from you. His encouraging words were a changing point. She started taking her education more seriously and she graduated with a 3.5 GPA. Her parents loved Dre despite the age difference; they knew Dre had China’s best interest at heart.

   With Dre in her life, things changed for the better. She and her parent’s bond grew stronger than ever and they were closer than they’d ever been in years. Dre was like a breath of fresh air. He was a boost to her self-esteem and she finally felt she had a purpose in life.

   Graduation night she and Dre made love for the first time. He patiently waited until she was of legal age before taking her body completely. He was surprised that she was still a virgin but he never told China. It was a mind blowing experience for both; it was everything China imagined it would be. Dre was gentle, compassionate and understanding.

   Their time together was like a fairytale. After China graduated from high school Dre graduated not too long after with a degree in business management. Not too long after graduating he landed a job in management at a local Hyatt, while China worked as a Medical Assistant for a local doctor’s office. Dre purchased a little town home for them in the small quaint town of St. Michaels., MD. China was in the process of going back to school to pursue her degree as a RN, but all her dreams and motivation died when Dre died including her passion of recording a music CD.

   China lay on her living room floor; her high had come down and she was bought back to her painful reality. She continued to lie in the middle of the floor and cry like a baby. She couldn’t stand to be in this empty house with so many memories. She wiped her nose as she sat up and snorted another line of coke. She needed a glimpse back into her past, even if it is just for a few minutes of happiness.

*    *    *

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