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Enough of the Drama By P. Dotson Character # 2 Cassidy

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I promised you the next Character from P. Dotson new book Enough of the Drama.

What did you think of Ciara?

I think Cassidy is needs help in this book, let's me know what you think?



   Cassidy checked the clock for the umpteenth time, as she impatiently paced her living room floor. It was just a little past two o’clock in the morning and her husband once again was MIA. She picked up her house phone and dialed his cell phone number only to receive his voicemail. She slammed the phone down in frustration.

   “Where the fuck is he on a Wednesday?” she thought out loud. She roughly ran her fingers through her hair before wildly swinging at the air in frustration.

   Most women would fear the worst, but not Cassidy. It wasn’t the first time Marcus has pulled some bullshit like this. For the past two years their marriage has been strained. They rarely talked or socialized with one another and their sex life was non-existent. He’s been coming and going as he pleases, staying out all hours of the night with little to no regard for her feelings. She understood that he was a lawyer and that some of his cases required some extra attention, but she knew the only case that was getting his attention at two o’clock in the morning was a case of pussy.

   Cassidy refrained from shedding any tears as she walked over to her couch and plopped down hard. Her feet were starting to hurt from pacing the floor for so long. She picked up the picture that sat on her end table of her and Marcus on their wedding day. At that moment she couldn’t stop the dam of tears that flowed as she thought back to happier times.

   They were high school sweet hearts, married for the past ten years.  Cassidy put her own education on hold in order to put Marcus through law school, a decision her parents will never let her forget. But she couldn’t help it, she was young and in love. She was willing to do anything to please her man. Cassidy went hard for Marcus, balancing between three jobs, being a doting wife and attentive mother. At times money was tight and things got rough but never the less they were happy.

   Over the years Cassidy noticed a drastic change in her husband. It seemed the more money he made the more problems they had. After Marcus graduated from law school he immediately began working for a prestigious law firm and Cassidy was able to quit all three of her jobs. Their new income allowed them to move out of their tiny two bedroom apartment and into a luxurious two-story brick colonial. 

   As she took a trip down memory lane she lit a cigarette; a habit she picked up over the years because of the never ending drama with her husband. She smiled thinking back of when Marcus used to be so loving and attentive. He would send her flowers just because or he would leave cute little poems on her pillow before she went to work. Sometimes on her days off he would even cook her breakfast in bed. She wiped her tears and shook her head as a heartbroken sigh escaped her lips, she wished they could go back to the way things used to be.

   Quarter of three Marcus finally decided to make his grand entrance. Cassidy stood up with her hands on her hips ready to pounce. She met him at the door. Marcus opened the door pissed because his prayers that his wife would be asleep when he got home went unanswered.

   “Where the hell have you been Marcus?” Cassidy demanded.

   Marcus sighed not bothering to hide his irritation. “I was out Cassidy, damn. After work I went out to have a drink. Is that alright with you?”

   “Yes that’s fine, but I’m sure your phone works,” she snapped turned off by his attitude. “I was worried I thought something might have happened to you.”

   “Oh you keeping tabs on me now?” he asked walking around her and throwing his leather jacket on the sofa. He looked around the living room and shook his head. He hated it with a passion. Everything in it was checkered in black and white, right up to the damn ceiling fan.

   “No, it’s called having consideration for other people’s feelings,” Cassidy said right on his heels.

   “Look Cassidy I’m a grown ass man, a’ight. So I can come and go as I please. Besides if something were to happen to me I’m sure you would be the first to know.”

   Cassidy jerked her neck back in disbelief. She should’ve been used to the blatant disrespect by now, but she was hoping she could make him see that he was being unfair, and the way he was treating her was wrong.

   “Marcus, you’re being so selfish right now. I am your wife you could show me some respect.” Cassidy pleaded feeling defeated already.

   “Look, I don’t feel like arguing with you Cas. I had a long day at the office and I just want to go to bed.”

   “So now you want to get some sleep!” she spat getting in his face. “I am your wife Marcus; I don’t deserve to be treated this way.”

   “Whatever!” he said shaking his head and dismissing her with his hand. “I’m going to bed,” he said moving around her and heading upstairs. He was done. He wasn’t in the mood for Cassidy’s petty bullshit, not after the night he had with Ciara.

   “That’s all I get?”

   “What the fuck do you want from me? Damn!” he yelled. He was reaching his boiling point and he was two seconds from hauling off and smacking the shit out of her. Cassidy jumped back from his sudden outburst. He shook his head and continued upstairs.

   “How about some fucking respect and consideration from time to time,” she yelled following him up the stairs. “When do I get a dinner date, Marcus? Huh? Do I have to make an appointment to spend time with my husband? Do I?”

   “You better calm down before you wake up Junior,” Marcus said looking over his shoulder as they reached the top of the stairs. “Now I’m telling you for the last time I’m going to bed. I’m not in the mood for this shit.”

   I don’t know why I even married this bitch, he thought to himself.

   “So you’re not going to apologize?” she asked shrugging her shoulders before folding her arms across her chest.

   “No,” he said, feeling he did nothing wrong. “For what?”

   “I should have left your ass a long time ago?” Cassidy said shaking her head.

   He smirked, “I’m not begging you to stay.” A silent pause filled the air, as Marcus laughed at the pitiful look that claimed Cassidy’s face as he turned and walked towards their bedroom leaving her standing their stuck on stupid.

   Cassidy stood there in shock. “Did he really just say that to me?” she asked herself. She placed her fist in her mouth and muffled a scream. The pain that surrounded her heart was unbearable. She felt as if her heart had been ripped from her chest and stomped on. She dropped to her knees and allowed her tears of pain to break free. They made a steady stream, flowing from her eyes like a leaky faucet, spilling down her cheeks and onto her night gown.

   She couldn’t bring herself to face Marcus not after what he just said. She’d never felt so alone in her life, but this wasn’t the first time Marcus has made her feel less than nothing and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. She’d given this man her all and it was obvious he didn’t appreciate it.

    What could she do? Where would she go? Despite his blatant disrespect and verbal abuse she couldn’t find the strength to leave him. He was the only man she’d ever known. So like all the other times, she chose to ignore the obvious signs, like the smell of perfume that lingered on his clothing, or the fact that he no longer looked at her the way he used too. He didn’t hold or touch her anymore. She chose to ignore all the signs pointing out the obvious fact; her marriage was over. It was clear her husband has moved on and so should she, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the man who had captured her heart.

   She sighed and slowly stood to her feet. She decided to sleep in the guest room, and apologize in the morning like she always did.

*    *   *

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