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Enough of the Drama by Author P. Dotson

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I wanted to start a book review series. I love reading books and since being in school. I read books on an average 5 books a month, so basically once a week. I love reading besides Makeup, Shopping, Girls Night out, Movies anything girly.

I have done posts about other books in the past. So please check those out.

Every Other day I will introduce a new character from P. Dotson new book Enough of the Drama.

Today Let's meet "Ciara"



   Ciara bent over and placed her head between her legs until she found her prize. Skillfully she placed all of the beautiful man that stood behind her in her mouth sucking on his joystick like a vacuum cleaner. The sight of Ciara bent over like that turned Marcus out, adding to the pleasurable sensation that he was already feeling. He threw his head back in ecstasy barely able to keep his balance.

   “That’s right baby, just like that,” Marcus moaned while penetrating her forbidden hole with his thumb.

   Unable to stand it any longer he picked Ciara up and threw her on the king sized bed. He grabbed her from behind and placed himself inside her warm and wet opening. Ciara threw her head back and gripped the sheets.

   “Mmmmm,” she moaned as Marcus went well deep into her pussy stroking each and every one of her walls. She did her best to match his strokes throwing her ass back at him with every powerful thrust he sent her way. “Marcus, baby,” she moaned as her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

   “You like that?” Marcus asked through gritted teeth.

   “Yes papi,” she moaned savoring the euphoric moment. She squeezed her pussy walls tightly around his dick, not ready to release him just yet.

   “Dayum,” Marcus grunted as he bent over and planted soft kisses on her back.

   The warmth of her pussy was intoxicating. She was his sexual high. She was his drug and he was now a full blown addict, he couldn’t quit if he tried. Marcus could feel the veins in his dick beginning to grow. He couldn’t hold on any longer. He grabbed her hips tightly increasing his speed. The sounds of their sexual endeavor bounced heavily off the walls, making a beautiful sound in their ears.

   “Yes papi,” Ciara squealed.

   “Shit,” Marcus moaned as he bent over and released himself deep inside of her womb. He held onto her hips and slowly pumped himself in and out of her juicy opening until his dick had been fully satisfied. “Damn baby,” he said as he collapsed on the bed beside her.

   Ciara snuggled up beside her man and draped her arm over his sweaty chest. “You know you got some good dick right?”
   Marcus gave her a sideways glance and smacked his lips. “Please, tell me something I don’t know.”
   Ciara laughed at his cockiness and playfully mushed him in the head. “Get over yourself.”

   “What time is it?”

   A frown claimed Ciara’s face. “It’s a little after one. Why?”

   Marcus sat up and wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. “I think its time for me to go.”

   Ciara immediately begin to pout. “But why, you stayed last time,” she whined. “I don’t even get to see you that often.”

   Marcus sighed. He wasn’t in the mood for this shit; he knew he was going to hear a ear full from Cassidy when he got home. After a long and stressful day at work he just wanted some good pussy and a good night’s sleep. Marcus stood up and stretched.

   “Are you leaving right now?”

   “I’m going to go take a shower first.”

   “Why? You scared she might smell ya dick?”

   Marcus laughed. “You funny, I see you got jokes.” He bent down and kissed her on the forehead before heading to the shower.

   As soon as she heard the shower running Ciara sat up and grabbed the pack of cigarettes that she stashed in her nightstand drawer. She shook one out of the pack and lit it. She pulled hard, deeply inhaling the dangerous contents of her cancer stick before allowing the smoke to exit through her nostrils. She was trying to quit but it was a losing battle. Dealing with Marcus was stressful and other than sex, smoking was her only other outlet to relieve the stress of her fucked up situation.

   She and Marcus have been involved for the past two years. In her heart she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help that she up and fell in love with her sister’s husband. It started out as a business arrangement, she was selling pussy and he was buying. It was all good in the beginning because Marcus was extra generous with his money and the good dick was a bonus. But as time passed they begin spending more time together and slowly but surely feelings begin to get involved. It became more than a sexual fling in Ciara’s eyes. He would often take her out of town with him while on business trips and would even introduce her to some of is colleagues as his wife.

   Tears stained her eyes as the guilt of her reality tugged at her heart. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t bring herself to end it. She was being selfish. She wanted what Cassidy had. She wanted to live in the big fancy house, and drive nice cars. She was tired of going to sleep at night alone. She didn’t want to sneak around anymore; she felt it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

   “A penny for your thoughts,” Marcus said.

   Ciara looked up at him and smiled. She admired his body as he stood in the middle of the floor with a towel wrapped around his waist. His body still slightly wet glistened in the dimly lit room causing a slight moisture to form between her legs. Who couldn’t fall in love with this god?  He stood about six two, smooth honey skin and dreamy light brown eyes.  His body was well toned and fit just like an athlete.

   Ciara put out her cigarette. She couldn’t let him leave without giving him something to remember. “Can I taste it one more time?” she pleaded getting down on all fours, crawling off the bed and making her way over to him.

   Marcus shook his head and smiled as he watched her take off his towel with her teeth. “Girl you wild,” he said biting his bottom lip as she placed his semi hard dick in her mouth, locking her jaws around her prey. Marcus threw his head back, his knees nearly buckling from the excitement surrounding his dick.

   Ciara kept her eyes on the prize as she bobbed her head up and down never once letting his dick slip from her mouth. She tickled the tip of his dick with her tongue and teased his balls with her hand. Marcus grabbed the wall beside him in order to keep his balance. He looked down at her enjoying the sight of his dick disappearing inside of her mouth.

   “Get rough with that shit,” he coached grabbing the back of her head thrusting his hips forward. Ciara obliged biting down on the base of his dick. “Shit,” he moaned momentarily placing both his hands on her shoulders. He regained his composure and placed his hand on the back of her head and continued to fuck her mouth until he came long and hard.

   Ciara happily accepted all of his babies into her mouth.  Marcus leaned against the wall until she was finished. He loved that she was a freak and didn’t mind going above and beyond for her man. She gave him the green light to do anything he wanted to try and she didn’t mind letting him put it in that third hole.

   Marcus wiped himself off and quickly got dressed. He stayed longer than he intended, but that’s how it always went when he was with Ciara. “Damn girl you make a nigga wanna drop to his knees,” he said shaking his head.

   Ciara laughed and sat down on the bed. She picked up her pack of cigarettes and lit another one, despite the fact Marcus couldn’t stand the smell of cigarettes smoke. He looked at her and shook his head.  She continued to watch him dress. Damn, that’s a sexy ass man, she thought. She didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to fake the funk and pretend that seeing him go didn’t hurt, when in actuality it hurt like hell. Over the years her pussy has become accustomed to the dick and she felt that she has paid her dues. She has stood back and played the side chick long enough.

   It was time for her to play the role of wifey, but Marcus kept telling her when the timing was right. She was getting sick and tired of hearing the bullshit, wondering when the timing would be right. Every time he left to be with Cassidy it felt like he was taking a piece of her with him. She never knew she could love someone so much. It hurt that she couldn’t wake up to him every morning. She was ready to start a family, she was tired of waiting.

   She played with the seven karat ring he’d given her on Valentine’s Day. He had it engraved You and me Forever, that was the night he told her he loved her. Just the thought of the memory nearly brought tears to her eyes.

   Ciara was so consumed with her own thoughts she didn’t notice that Marcus was now fully dressed and staring at her. He was completely infatuated with her. She was tall with the body of a model, rich, long beautiful hair that flowed freely down her back, smooth caramel skin, soft brown eyes and kissable dimples in each check.

   “What are you smiling about?”

   Ciara felt herself blush. “You she admitted.”

   He laughed. “Come on and walk me out.”

   “Okay,” Ciara pouted, reluctantly getting up off the bed. She grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her nude body.

   “Don’t do that.  You know I can’t stand it when you’re mad at me,” he said lifting her chin.

   “I’m not mad. I just don’t like it when you leave me.”

   “Just bare with me a little while longer. Just until I make partner with the firm. Then I’m all yours,” he said spreading his arms. “You stopped working at the club right?”

   “Yelp,” she lied.

   Marcus chuckled. “I can’t believe you lied to me, and with a straight face. I know everything you do Ciara.” Ciara looked away with guilt written all over her face. “I can’t make you my wife if you still shakin’ ya ass for dollas.”

   Ciara kept a straight face even though she wanted to laugh because he sounded weird trying to use slain. “Real talk Marcus the reason why I haven’t quit the club is because I don’t want to lose that source of income. How do I know you’re not going to leave me high and dry huh? It’s been two years and I’m still waiting.”

   “Just trust me baby. I thought you said you trust me,” he said cupping her face in his hands. He tenderly stroked the side her face with his thumb while staring her dead in the eyes. “Do you trust me?”

   After a long pause Ciara nodded her head yes. “I do,” she said momentarily looking down at the floor before looking back up at him.

   “Good,” he smiled kissing her gently on the lips. “You know I love you right?”

   “I love you too Marcus.”

   He released her and smiled. “That’s what Daddy likes. And don’t let me hear about you down at the club again. Come on,” he said exiting her bedroom.

   “Okay,” she muttered walking arm and arm with him to the front door.

   “I’ll let you know when I get home. Are you going to stay up and wait for me?” Ciara nodded her head yes. “I love you.”

   “I love you too bay.”

   Like a sad puppy dog Ciara stood back and watched Marcus climb into his Range Rover. Her heart ached to be with him.  As soon as his lights disappeared out of the driveway she sank to the floor and hugged her knees to her chest. She rocked back and forth and cried like she did so many other nights when Marcus would leave her to be with Cassidy. She wondered why love had to be like this. After she was finally finished with her pity party she made her way upstairs and laid down, waiting by the phone for a call that more than likely would never come.

*    *    *

Let me know what you think and what you read that you can recommend.

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