Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Branding Myself

Hello Divas & Gents,

2014 is almost here in 3 or 4 weeks to be exact. And 2013 has been great. I got married in October to a strong, man that I know God made for me. I am finally registered to attend school in the Spring to further my education. I never thought I would be making YouTube videos, or create a blog but I have found something I love again.

My top 5 things I love to do:
1. Reading Books
2. Playing in Makeup
3. Making & Watching YouTube videos
4. Baking
5. Making Memories

My Grandmother always told me when I was little even in my 20's that making memories is the best thing in the world. Even if you just decorate your house its making memories for you. I loved that and its been a tradition with myself and now my husband we make memories together and on our own.

After my wedding, I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish before 2014 and I know you are thinking really goals at the end of the year, well yes, you can set long goals, short term goals, even daily goals to accomplish and my goal by December 31, 2013 is brand my YouTube channel (BeautywithMika) and getting a logo for my blog. I wanted something original and that represents Tamika!!!

If you notice my logo finally is on my blog and it will be on business cards coming soon. I love it. It took a few phone calls and some thinking, long discussions with my husband and finally making a decision.

Branding and Marketing yourself is a great way to purse your business. If its something you can see yourself doing for more than 5 years. It's time to be creative and market yourself. Blogging allows me to express myself and be who I am. I have learned to ignore all the negative things and remain positive. I'm not in competition with anyone but myself.
When you look at my logo know my blog is a site you can relate to, laugh and read and ask who is Tamika. I am strong, beautiful, creative, hardworking, loyal, dedicated, trustworthy, thoughtful, caring, friendly, a sister, a daughter in law, an auntie, a wife, protector, cousin, niece and prayer warrior. I am a strong Black Woman!!! 
Let me know what does Branding mean to you, who are you? What are your goals in 2014?
Stay Beautiful!!
Miss Mika

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