Thursday, November 28, 2013

Until They Loved Me by Author Coco Mixon & Taj B (Book Review)

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Since my wedding is over, I have missed reading and tons of books have been released, I would download them but never have the opportunity to read them until now. Well, of course I had to support Coco Mixon after her Chocolate Brown series. And this time she is back with a collaboration with Author Taj B. Which I will be getting more of Taj B books!!!

Until they love me in my words is about a young girl Joslyn who was raised in group homes, foster care and of course gets shelter with her last foster family Ms. Sue and her son. Ms. Sue is the worst of what you will call a foster mother, Joslyn was wrong to deal with Ms. Sue and as she couldn't take it anyone Joslyn gets the best dream of her life, a young lady comes to her rescue Vee and Daddy. Who runs an "Entertainment" business. I don't want to tell you a lot about this book but I gave this book 5 stars. This book has spins and turns and you will never guess how the book turns out. It makes you realize how to treat others and what young girls and learn from or deal with in foster care.

Here is the Book Description from Amazon:

 Growing up in multiple foster homes, Joslyn longed for a family. Living with Ms. Sue was supposed to change her life for the better. Fighting off her foster brother was never in her plans. After having enough, Joslyn is ready to move on. Will leaving Ms. Sue's home help Joslyn find the love she deserves? Join Joslyn as she searches for a place to call home. Will you love her?

This book only took me 2 days to finish, mind you I work full-time, and of course busy. I will say anyone can finish this book in less than 3 hours. I love how the authors really worked together to create a great book and there writing style together is good. Both authors have a idea of what there readers want and what works for them while staying true to there brand.

I recommend if you haven't already to go on Amazon and purchase this book.

Let me know what book did you last read? Any recommendations?

Stay Beautiful,

Miss Mika

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