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Sins of A Mother (Pure Sins) Author P. Dotson

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Best-selling Author P. Dotson does it again with the return of her book Sins of a Mother ( Pure Sins).

Dotson continues Sins of the Mother from the continued series Pure Sins.

Both book released under Tajana Sutton Ruby Love Publications, Dotson is back to show up how all your favorite characters and miss bad ass Pure come back to save her daughter. After all the wrong doing Pure has done and not cared a day in her life for anyone, now its time for Pure to change and set an example for her daughter who has following in her mother's foot steps.

Let me know what you think and what is your favorite series.

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Excerpt from Sins of a Mother which is available on Amazon (clink the Link) now.


By the time Pure arrived back with help it was too late. Essence lifeless body lay where Pure left her.


   “Please, my friend has been shot,” Pure said kneeling down beside Essence who appeared to be sleeping.


   “Where are the others?” a police officer asked, as a paramedic kneeled down beside Essence.


   Pure pointed to where Autumn and Carlos could be found. Pure turned her attention back to the EMT worker who appeared to have a perplexed look on his face as he looked at Pure.


   “I’m sorry, but your friend . . . ,”


  Pure didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence. She didn’t want to believe it. She began to shake Essence violently. “You promised,” she screamed as she continued to shake Essence’s lifeless body.


   Finally Autumn reached down and touched her shoulder. “Pure,” she gently said as she kneeled down beside her. “She’s gone.”


   Pure wiped the tears that stained her eyes as she thought back to that night. She looked around the court room amazed at how so many lives were affected because of Isaac. She was ready to close this chapter in her life.


   “Are you okay?” Autumn leaned over and asked.


   “Yeah,” Pure breathed deeply. “Just thinking about Essence.”


   A sympathetic look crossed Autumn’s face. She grabbed Pure’s hand and gave it a slight pat. She didn’t say anything else just left Pure to her thoughts.


   Autumn patiently waited for the judge to hand down Isaac’s verdict. She could feel his eyes penetrating her, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of looking his way. She was just ready for this to be done and over with. This was the third week of his trial. Her lawyer already warned her that she may have to testify in other trials if he is ever brought up on drug charges. She only prayed that the kidnapping and murder charges were enough.


   Slight disturbances in the surprising quiet atmosphere brought her out of her thoughts. She stood as the judge took his place. He placed his glasses on as he looked over at the jury.


   “Have you reached a verdict?”    “We have your honor?”


   Suspense hung in the air as the bailiff walked the piece of paper that held Isaac’s fate over to the judge.


   The only words Autumn heard were guilty before she leaped out of her chair. The court room erupted in applause. Autumn and Pure looked at each other. It was over, it was finally over.


*    *    *


   Quietly Pure closed the door to Ariel’s bedroom before making her way back downstairs into the dining room with Autumn.


   “Is she still sleeping?”


   Pure nodded her head. “Out like a light,” Pure said as she plopped down on the couch and took her hair out of the bun that sat on top of her head. Her long thick hair instantly paraded down her back and shoulders.


   “You know what’s weird?”


   “What?” Pure asked, sitting back on the couch, getting a little comfortable.


   “Ariel hasn’t asked about Isaac?”


   Pure sat up and opened her eyes. “Really? So she doesn’t know about any of what’s happened?”    Autumn shook her head no. “I’m almost afraid to tell her.”


   “Well you have to tell her sometime.”


   “There’s a lot we need to tell her,” Autumn said, giving Pure a knowing look.


Pure sighed. “Yeah, you’re right.”  Feelings of doubt and rejection begin to plague her mind. “Are you sure we are doing the right thing? I mean how do you think she will react once she finds out that I’m her biological mother?”


   “Ariel adores you. I’m sure there will be a few rough patches to smooth over first, but I think she will be fine with it.”


   “I’m scared.”


   “Of what?”


   “I don’t know how to be a mother. I mean I know I have the love to give, I just hope she is willing to receive it.”


   Autumn smiled at her friend. It been a long time since Pure let her guard down and show her true emotions. To Autumn this was a true sign of Pure finally growing up.


   “I think you will do fine girl.”


   Pure got quiet as she looked around Autumn’s home and began to feel out of place. She looked over her shoulder, for some reason she always got the feeling that she was being watched whenever she was in Autumn’s home.


“What about Carlos?”


“What about him?” Autumn asked with a shrug of her shoulders.


“You think he has gotten over me killing his brother.”


“No, Pure I don’t. And honestly, I think it will be a long time before he does. It’s not that he is set on revenge, he just harbors a lot of guilt and responsibility for Eric’s death.”


   Just the mention of his name caused Pure to get sick to her stomach. She hated having a conscious. At one point in time in her life, she had that I don’t give a fuck mentality and because of it, she put important people in her life at risk. She prayed that by putting her street life days behind her, she could become a better person. She wants to be the great mother she hoped to one day become.


   “If I could,” Pure felt her voice trail off.


   “It’s okay, Pure. I know you would be,” Autumn whispered, overlooking the fact her friend killed someone in cold blood.


   Pure could only smile and shake her head, because Autumn was the true friend that she felt she didn’t deserve.


   “So when are we going to drop the bomb on Ariel?” Pure questioned.


   “I think the sooner, the better. We can’t keep holding off.”


   Pure nodded her head in agreement.


 They were so consumed in their conversation that they never heard her tiny footsteps as she descended the stairs. Ariel, with tears covering her cheeks, stood there clutching her blanket in her hand. She woke up from a bad dream about her father. She’s been having them since she left the hospital. She wasn’t sure if they were real or not and needed someone to talk to, but her plan was halted once she stumbled upon Autumn and Pure’s conversation.


 Slowly, she backed away and quietly made her way back upstairs and into her bedroom. She climbed into her bed and hugged her pillow tightly. She was too scared to go back to sleep and too emotionally unprepared to face Autumn or Pure. Her life was a complete lie. She went from being sad to angry. Pure didn’t want her at birth and gave her away. Now Autumn didn’t want her and was trying to give her back. So many questions shot through her brain that her young mind just didn’t have the resources to answer.


Who am I? she wondered.

Ariel silently cried as she battled with her thoughts of rejection and shame.

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