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Who is Author Tajana Sutton?


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Tajana Sutton is back and she is letting us know about Kai. If you haven't I suggest everyone buy The Deja Series 1-5 on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble (Click one the links). Sutton has released Mind of a Hustler, and Skai's the Limit introducing to more character's we all love and some we hate.

About Tajana Sutton

A Chicago native, a wife and mother of 3. Amazon bestselling author of the Deja series. Deja was her first book followed by Deja 2: Unfinished Business, then Deja 3, Deja 4 and Deja 5. Also releasing Mind of a Hustler with the continuous book coming soon Son of a Hustler. Tajana introduced us to Skai earlier this summer in Skai's the Limit. Sutton is an author that keep the books pouring out. Releasing new titles every couple of months from herself and her publication company Ruby Love Publications. Sutton continues to keep her readers on the edge of there sit wanting more.





As always Tajana is working on many projects along with the announcement of her publication company Ruby Love Publications in 2013.

Sutton introduced Best-selling Authors P. Dotson and Crystal Smith. Along with new Author Tip. All releasing books in 2013 as readers would describe as thrilling, drama, heart-felt, life's lessons and a page turner.


Sutton has once again kept her readers engaged in your talent through her experiences, life lessons and testimony about life, love and kids. She continues to stay in touch with her fans through her Facebook page Tajana Sutton's Deja Series Fan Page (Click link). Fans love her page because everyone is able to be themselves without drama but all agree we are a family. Everyone connected because of 1person an now have created a library of books and introduction to many other well known authors.

Tajana is always available to be honest and answer questions while being a mentor to myself, and others. As she continues to write her books. Fan and myself can agree she is by far the best we have seen.

Sutton is working to release her latest well anticipated book Kai-A Deja Novel Excerpt below; Let me know what you think and enjoy reading.

Miss Mika


Chapter Three
Deja walked in the house a little past noon with a look of disappointment on her face. She took off her Pea Coat and UGG boots. She walked in the kitchen where Xavier sat, doing paperwork, while watching Jeremiah play out back in the snow.
“Hey, baby,” she spoke, as she bent down and kissed him. “Where is Xyla?” she asked.
“Upstairs sleeping. She’s been a handful today. She wanted me to just sit and hold her even when she was sleep. I had to lay her in her crib and pat her to sleep that way.”
“Yeah, she’s been getting me too,” Deja said. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a can soda, then sat down next to Xavier at the table.
“So did you talk to Kai?” he asked.
“Nope. I went by there and his place was empty. There was a For Rent sign in the window. I tried calling his phone again, but he didn’t answer. I’m not going to chase him. I left a bunch of messages on his voicemail and text him. He isn’t responding, so I will just wait until he comes around.” He could clearly see the hurt in her eyes. She was distraught over Kai cutting her off so abruptly.
“He will come around, baby!” he said.
“Kai has never been this pissed at me. I can’t help but wonder if I made the right decision by letting my dad back in my life. It seems like life is repeating itself. He knew how much I loved my mother and needed her, yet he still drove her into an early grave. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger, he is still responsible for taking her away from me. Now, once again, because of him, I lost another loved one,” she said in a soft tone. “I can’t let him do that again. I need to cut him off until Kai is okay with all of this,” she said.
“You need to do whatever completes you. When it all boils down to it, Deja, it’s your decision. I don’t know what to tell you. But what I do know is, as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always talked about how much you hated your pops. At the same time, you’ve expressed how much you loved Kai and how he’s always been there for you. Just based on that, I say follow your heart, babe. Whatever your first instinct is telling you to do, that’s what you need to do,” X said to her.
“My first instinct is telling me to make things right with Kai. I have to. I may need to call Izzy so I can find out where he moved to,” she said.
“I’ll make the call to Iz,” said Xavier.
“Thanks,” she replied.
“You got it,” he replied. “Are you going back out?” he asked.
“Naw, I’m going to go take a nap. I feel like I’m getting sick. My throat is beginning to hurt,” she said.
“You want me to make you some tea?” he asked.
“No, I can make it.”
“A’ight. I promised Jeremiah that I would help him make a snowman when you came back.” Before she could respond, Xavier phone rang. He looked at the screen then pressed ignore.
“Why didn’t you answer the phone?” she asked him.
“That’s Lynn ass. I talked to her this morning. She talking crazy,” he said.
“What you mean?” Deja asked.
“She called me tripping because she wanted Jeremiah on Christmas and I told her no. She got mad and started talking slick out her mouth. She even threatened me.”
“Threatened you?”
“Yeah! She said either I share custody of him with her, or she would take me to court.”
“How she gonna take you to court over your child? She is just his grandma, she has no parental rights,” Deja said.
“She claims she has some incriminating evidence on me and she would use it if she need too.”
“WHAT!” Deja stated in shock. “What evidence?”
“I don’t know and don’t give a flying fuck! I’m not worried about Lynn, that’s my son. It’s apparent that she doesn’t know what I’m capable of. She keep fucking with me, she’s gonna find out firsthand,” he said in a firm, yet calm tone. He stood up, then headed for the front closet to get his coat and boots, gloves and hat. He then returned to the kitchen. “I’ll be outside with Jeremiah if you need me,” he said. She could tell that he was heated about Lynn’s threats. She got up and made herself some tea. She went up to the nursery to look in on Xyla. She was still asleep. Instead of going to her own room, Deja grabbed a throw blanket and laid down on the sofa that was in Xyla’s nursery. She couldn’t help but wonder how all of this with Lynn was going to play out, but she knew her husband. She knew he never took kindly to threats, especially, threats toward him or his family.

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