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Forgetmeknots Survival Kit-Bridal Survivial

Forgetmeknots Survival Kits
Hello Divas & Gents,
I am 2 Days away from my wedding. And as all brides to be we all have the What if's, What We need, and What could go wrong on our special day. After picking the dress, the flowers, hairstyles, and centerpieces. We feel like we are done Right!! Wrong!! Every Bride needs a survival kit for her special day, a go-to bag for emergencies. Maybe some breaks a nail, or a zipper is ripped. Are you really prepared for anything could happen. If your answer is No, then Forgetmeknots Survival Kit has everything to keep you calm and relaxed on your special day.
Whether you are planning a destination, elaborate, or an intimate wedding nearby, we have got a stylish handbag filled with the essentials, classic, deluxe or beyond, for you the BRIDE.

For a day of no regrets,
and a wedding day that rocks,
whether in Los Angeles or Tibet,
do 4GetMeKnots!
Forgetmeknots is here to answer questions that most brides would like to know.
Why choose Forget Me Knots for your Bridal survival bag?
Working for a bridal shop gives me insight into a bride’s thoughts and fear it also allows me to quell the fear of not being prepared for her special day. I have a fantastic way of doing that with a fashionable handbag which incorporates all of the things needed to make a special day run smoothly. We have just the bag for you!
Most of us who have planned a wedding or been in a wedding know that there are many little things and details to bring to a wedding venue. Why not carry all your wedding essentials and beyond in style?
All Survival Kits can be personalized with items for that special bride whether it is the essential, standard or deluxe kit We have a have 3 sizes for each of our sophisticated and stylish handbags. Choose a different handbag for each level of survival kit unique to each bride. When everything is done, your bride will have a unique and stylish handbag they can wear with a fashionable outfit take to work or school and brag to everyone about your fabulous memories of your wedding!

The best maid of honor is always prepared and always helpful. To ensure your bride's happiness on that special day, let us help you put together a bridal emergency kit, full of those oh-so-useful things everyone seems to want and sometimes need on the day of a big event that no one has – except, you. Brides if they do not have a maid of honor to take care of her needs on that special day you can order the survival kit of your choice for yourself ensuring that your day will go off without a glitch.
Our deluxe survival kits are filled with all the emergency gear you’ll need. Packed into a grab-and-go beautiful handbag of your choice, this kit is the perfect Bridal preparedness kit option. This kit comes organized efficiently. Store it in a place you will remember to take with you on your special day ready to go at a moments notice.
Each kit includes:
Deluxe Survival Kit: $250.00
1.     Sewing Kit
2.     Fashion Tape
3.     Stick on Hemming Tape
4.     Clear Nail Polish for runs
5.      White Chalk
6.      Extra Pantyhose
7.       Extra Buttons
8.       Safety Pins
9.      Shout
10.     Tide Pen
11.      Powder
12.     Extra Earring Backs
Health Aids
Breath Mints
8.    Bandages
9.     Blister Protection
10.    Antacid
11.    Pain Reliever
12.    Pepto Bismol
13.   Feminine Hygiene Product

Touch Ups
16.    Blotting Papers
17.    Cotton Swabs
18.    Tweezers
19.    Emery Board
20.    Lip Balm
21.    Tissuse
22.    Hand Lotion
23.    Bobby Pins
24.    Comb/Brush
25.    Small Mirror
26.    Nail Polish Remover
27.     Lint Brush
28.     Bobby Pins
29.     Elastic Hair Ties
30.    Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Floss
So BRIDES ask yourself, do you really have time to get all this together while planning a wedding, working, attending school, making dinner, bridal shower etc, etc. As a Bride to be, your to-do list for your wedding will remain long until you say "I Do". Forgetmeknots Survival Kit is the best as a gift for a bride to be.
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Let me know what you think and your experience as a Bride, Bridesmaid or Bride to Be!!
Miss Mika 


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