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Author Tip New Book "Savannah"

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I love to read and reading isn't a hobby to be me. It's something I do daily. New Author to the e-readers group is Tip Blockson. I met Tip in Tajana Sutton's Deja Fan Page (click link). The thing I love about this group page is everyone is loving to do something that most people either at our work place, school, or socially don't enjoy for many reasons. But its something we all love and I love to get new books and find new authors.

Tip Blockson decided to listen to God and follow her dreams of becoming an author. After editing books for Jasmine Barber ( Forever and A Day), Pure Sins (P. Dotson), Secrets of the A (Crystal Smith), Skai's the Limit (Tajana Sutton) also reediting for P. Dotson (Twisted Obsessions) and When Loyalty isn't Enough (Chaunee)

Blockson has released her first book to a series of upcoming projects. Her first and well-anticipated book under Tajana Sutton's Ruby Love Publication "Savannah" just released August 2013. Available now on Amazon (Click Link) and Barnes and Noble (Click Link)

Savannah Johnson is from a small town in the Delta. She grew up in a single parent home with three older brothers. School was her number one priority. Her best friend De De was all she had when it came to her social life. That all changed one day when she was on her way home and bumped into her cousin. The guy on the passenger side of her cousin’s ride caught her eye. At first she was leary about talking to the guy, but she went against her better judgment and gave in to his charm. What she later found out was that she wasn’t his main chick. She was classified as the side chick and with that, she found things to not always go in her favor. When things began to rock their relationship, she gets the news that would change things forever between them. Will she be able to come to terms with the life she chose? Will she ever become the main chick, or will she remain the side chick with responsibilities. Would she jeopardize her life for the sake of this man, or will she ever become tired of being the side chick and set her goal to become the main chick by any means necessary?


"Ugh is it Monday already?” I asked. I hate that the weekend is so damn short, I hate going to school.  As the day got started, I was so frustrated; I didn’t know which way to go. This was my last year in high school and knew I couldn’t stop now. I saw the struggles my mom had endured. Thinking back over my life I wish things were different.

I have been seeing this guy, Lance, for two and a half years. I thought the world of him and he was always there for me. The only downfall was that he had a girl that he has been dating for six years. Lance wasn’t your typical dope boy, where he had to be out on it every day. He went to college and worked; he was also in the army so you know the body was on point. Standing five feet eight inches with that caramel skin and had the deep waves that Beyonce sung about in Soldier. Every time I hear that song I get all moist thinking of him. He would have to do mandatory drills every third weekend in the month that the army required of them.

Ok, so here’s the problem. I just found out I’m about three months pregnant. I’m so nervous I don’t know what to do. Having had an abortion at the age of fourteen, I promised myself that I would never do that again. I ask God for forgiveness and pray daily about it. I don’t know what my mom is going to say. Her seventeen year old daughter is once again pregnant and in her last year of high school. I texted Lance to let him know we need to meet up. 

“Lance, get at me ASAP!!”

“What’s up ma?” He replied.

“I would rather talk with you in person. When do you think you can make that happen?”

“Uh, give me thirty minutes and I’ll be on the way.”

“Ok cool, babe. See you soon.”

Waiting on him was the longest wait ever. I was thinking of every way possible of how to break the news to him. This scares the hell out of me knowing that he has been in a long term relationship. I was so zoned out that the doorbell scared the pure d shit out of me!!! In walks Lance with his sexy ass. See that is what got me in trouble thinking of those freaky nights we spent together. If only he knew the thoughts I was thinking, he would have acted on them. He was just as worst as me when it came to sex. Ok, back to the matter at hand. 

“Hey baby.”

“Hey love. How are you today?” He asked

“I’m good. There are some things I need to discuss with you and I don’t know how you are going to like it.”  “As long as you don’t tell me you have a disease then we are good!” 

“Hell to the nawl, unless there is something you need to be telling me?” 

“Lol, naw I was just making sure and trying to break the ice. Now what’s up ma? It can’t be that bad.”

“Um.....uh... damn, ok I’m three months pregnant!” I blurted out.  He just sat there digesting what I just said. I thought he was going to be mad and curse me out and leave; but that never happened.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure and yes, it is yours.” One thing I didn’t do was sleep with different men at one time.

“I know that part ma, I never doubt that it couldn’t be mine, it’s just me and my ole lady has been trying to have a baby for a long time and here you are ready to give me my first child. I’m excited, but I don’t know how she is going to respond to this.”

“Well you know I never wanted this to happen and definitely don’t want to mess up what you have, but I have to be honest; I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m scared.” I told him.

He got up and took me in his arms. I cried on his shoulder for thirty minutes. I needed him at this time and like always he was here. See the thing is, his girl was in college and stayed on campus, so we were out every other night and some weekends. 

“Baby now the question is, how are we going to tell my mom?"

“Damn” was all he could say.     

I highly recommend if you are looking for something different then most reads but women an men can relate to this book and all the characters. We all learn to love but sometimes is it wrong to love the person we think is right for us?

Let me know what did you think about this book?

Miss Mika

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