Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Author Coco Mixon

Author Coco Mixon
I met Coco in Tajana Sutton Deja Fan Page Group as many members in the group. We are a family with 2 things in common, we loved Tajana Sutton and we loved the Deja Series. Well after communicating with Coco and fellow members off-line. Coco kept a secret for months getting inspired from the many authors and group members.Her passion for writing was inspired again and she decided to write her first short story Chocolate Brown.
Chocolate loved her life as an only child, she never imagined having siblings. Growing up with the perfect parents was a plus. As lies and betrayals are revealed she learns life is not always sweet. Join Chocolate and her best friend Charmaine as they stumble upon the Brown’s family secrets.
Since the release of Chocolate Brown, Mixon has continued the series with Chocolate Brown 2.

Chocolate Brown is no longer your naive young teenager. She's over eighteen and finding her voice. After the passing of her dad, she and her two siblings pull away from the world and discover each other. Once her sister Pepper reveals the secrets their dad entrusted her with, the game changes. Time has passed and things have changed. Chocolate's innocence is diminishing. Learning about her new siblings and dealing with the lies her family fed her, has hardened her, and opened up a whole new light inside of her. As Chocolate, Carlos and Pepper deal with the death of their father they are faced with more illnesses and more deaths. Will new siblings come into play? How will this all play out? Is Pepper really who she says she is? Come take a journey with the Brown siblings as they develop a bond that cannot be broken and open a wrath of fury on anyone who crosses them.
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