Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Author Tajana Sutton Publication Company Ruby Love Publications Presents 2 New Authors

Tajana Sutton Presents to you
Authors, Crystal Smith and P. Dotson

These two young ladies are sure to wow you with their new books, SECRETS IN THE A (CRYSTAL SMITH) and PURE SINS (P. DOTSON). Not only are these two great books handpicked by Tajana Sutton, they are on sale for prices that are to good to miss. For a limited time, you can purchase SECRETS IN THE A for ONLY $2.99 and PURE SINS for $.99. Two great reads for three bucks.

Because I read both of these books and know how great of a read they are, I can tell you, THAT IS A DEAL!


Secrets in the A
This is a compelling story about the life of two best friends, Lisha and Bre, who were brought together under normal circumstances. Well, that is what they thought, until the deep dark secrets of their past unravels and things fall apart for them. Lisha, a young nurse that works at Grady Hospital, endures her share of heartache and pain growing up without her parents. She finally meets her prince charming, Rah, who makes her forget that her past ever existed, until everything is brought out of the dark. Lisha will be faced with the ultimate sacrifice of choosing her past that she fought so hard to forget, or her future, which she loves dearly. Bre loved her family so much that she put her life on the line countless times to keep food on the table. She ran from her past and right into the arms of Black, her knight and shining armor, that happens to be Rah’s cousin. Their relationship starts out like magic, but will Bre’s trifling ways cause her to lose her knight and shining armor forever? The secrets between these people will come out and danger will strike. Will these friendships be strong enough to last after everything is put to the test? Will the deepest secrets ever revealed in Atlanta, Georgia change everyone’s life forever, or give them a stronger bond than before?




Men have used her for their own sexual gain, so she uses them for her own financial gain. That is the mind set of Pure Adams, who learned at a young age how to use what she got to get what she wants. No man is spared, nor off limits to Pure when it comes to feeding her lavish lifestyle and need for money, including her best friend’s husband, Isaac Washington. Since the day she laid eyes on Isaac, Pure felt that he was the man she’d been looking for her entire life. She concocts a plan that will tear Isaac and Autumn apart. But even Isaac {Pure’s dream man} has secrets of his own. To the world, he is a prestigious doctor and loving family man, but beneath the surface, he is a ruthless kingpin who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, which could have deadly consequences for Pure when she unknowingly steals his drug money. Despite the close calls, Pure continues to play her hand at the street life, committing almost every sin imaginable to man from theft, to fornication, and even murder. But one ultimate act spins her precious world spirally out of control which could be a devastating end to her games involving her loved ones when she kills the brother of an ex-hustler, Carlos Sanchez, who seeks revenge. Will Pure be able to withstand the tricks of trades of the streets, or will her past sins finally catch up with her.TO PURCHASE: