Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tajana Sutton Upcoming New Book Release "Skai's The Limit"

Tajana Sutton is back with a well over due new series that spins off the Characters we all have loved and some we have hated. After taking time off to start her publication company Ruby Love Publications and releasing 2 books under her company. Pure Sins by P. Dotson and Secrets of the A by Crystal Smith.
Sutton is back and this time, we are will learn about the mystery man behind the scenes of working with Xavier & Jay Sutton's Deja Series.
 Izzy is a now a private investigator who use to work with Jay and Xavier in the streets. Once the crew becomes legal, Izzy continues his private investigating company with no one to love, but after working on an assignment, Izzy meets Skai. Izzy is now trying to decide should he step in to heal a broken heart and make Skai an honest woman or keep it business.
The Skai's The Limit!!!
With special appearances by our favorite characters from the Deja Series ( Deja, Xavier, Jay & Jade). I define Skai's The Limit about the honesty of a man who has to choose business before pleasure. A man will see something in a woman, we don't see in ourself and Skai has a history not any man can fix but Izzy knows he can.....
Here is the Excerpt:
Chapter One
Skai yelled at the top of her lungs as she hung upside down out of a second floor window. She had never been so scared in her life. Her six year old body dangled over a fence and concrete as her brother held onto her ankles while taunting her. She heard screaming and crying coming from her mother and a couple of her friends. They were tugging at him, begging for him to pull Skai back inside. While tugging on him, Skai dangled from the window thinking how she was going to survive if her older brother Randy dropped her. If he drops me, I will somehow swing away from the fence and land in the yard, she thought. She began to feel the blood rushing to her head, causing her to get light headed. She felt as if she were going to pass out. The grip her brother had on her loosened. She just knew that this was the end of her short life. Skai began to plead, “Randy, don’t let me go, I’m sorry!” she cried out. “Pull me up, Randy, please!” she continued to beg.
“Call the police!” One of her mother’s friends shouted.
That got Randy’s attention. He laughed as he pulled her back inside the apartment. Skai ran straight into her mother’s arms. Her mother hugged her daughter for a few before turning her attention back to her eldest son. He was still giggling, but Mable cut his laugh short when she drew back, her fist landed smack dab on Randy’s eye.
“Have you done lost your fucking mind!” she yelled, as she pushed him.
“I wasn’t going to drop that brat!” he said, while holding his eye. “Why did you hit me in my eye?”
“You lucky that’s all I did. I want to run your ass over with my car, but I’m not going to prison for anybody!” She snapped.
“That little girl is spoil rotten. You let her do whatever she wants to do. I should have dropped that little wench. Maybe then you will pay the rest of us some attention. Your only concern is that heffa!” he spat.
“First off boy, watch your damn mouth before I hit you in that next,” Mable stated firmly.
Randy looked down at Skai which was hiding behind her mother and snarled at her then he walked out the front door, slamming it behind him.  Randy was the oldest of the five kids. Skai was the youngest. Their mother did show Skai the most attention of the five, but that wasn’t because she loved her in more than the others. It was more so because of the age difference between Skai and her siblings. Her children ages were: twenty-one (Randy), nineteen (Shannon), seventeen (Shamar), fifteen (Floyd), and six (Skai). The older children were out doing their own thing while Skai stayed up under her mother. For a short while, Skai had fallen into a depression stage. She was taking anti-depressant meds and all. Her sibling ignored her even when they were home. She would watch as her mother gambled, drank, and smoked with her friends while she sat off in a corner watching TV. This was something that occurred on a daily basis. Mable would let the TV babysit Skai. It went as far as her sometimes having to feed herself. All she knew how to make was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so that’s what she ate. That was her breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for about a month. It would have been longer had she not become extremely ill, and had to be rushed to the hospital. She continuously cried about her stomach, had the runs, and kept vomiting. This scared Mable. The doctor questioned Mable about the things that she was eating, but Mable couldn’t tell him because she didn’t know. The doctor raised an eyebrow at Mable’s silence. Instead of continuing to grill her, he turned his attention to Skai. “Hey honey, I need to ask you a question, and I need for you to be completely honest with me,” he said to her.
“What does honest mean?” she asked.
“It means to tell the truth,” he replied.
She turned and looked at her mother. Mable remained quiet.
“Look at me, honey,” the doctor said. Mable wanted to see just how far this doctor was going to go, before stepping in. She starred a hole through the doc as Skai shifted her attention to him. “Is there anything that you want to tell me?” he asked. Mable head shifted sideways at the boldness of this man.
“No,” Skai answered in her sweet subtle tone.
“Can you tell me why your stomach was bothering you?” he asked.
“Um, I don’t know,” Skai answered.
“Did someone give you something that made you sick?” he asked blunt out.
“Okay, you know what? Obviously, you are overstepping your boundaries. She is six. Six years old get sick so just because she wasn’t feeling well, doesn’t mean that someone did anything to her to make her sick,” Mable snapped. “If you think for a second that I’m going to let you sit here and question my baby about me doing something to her, you are sadly mistaken. Let’s go Skai!” She picked her daughter up off the table and escorted her out the room but not before giving the doc the finger. He wanted to respond, but he didn’t know how. Mable stormed out the emergency room pissed off, but more so at herself. From that point on, she vowed to change her ways and make Skai her number one priority. Out of all her siblings, Randy was the only one that had a dislike toward Skai. No one but him knew why. Lord forbid that anything would ever happen to Mable. That would put her children, especially Skai in a bad place since they had no outside family to tend to them. The only person that would be able to get her would be Randy. Mable knew she had to take care of herself. The drinking, smoking, and partying had to come to a halt. Mable was unaware that she had made that decision a tad bit too late. The following week, Mable learned that she suffered from kidney failure. That day was the day that Skai world crumbled.
Chapter Two
Skai woke up out her sleep for the third night in a row. For Skai, getting a full night of sleep was more challenging than going to the moon in her mind. It’s been seventeen years since she lost her mother, but she still missed her. Since the day her mother was called home, Skai’s life had spiraled out of control. Still to this day, Skai hated her brother Randy. As the years went on, she found herself hating all her siblings except for her sister Shannon. Shannon was the only one that somewhat cared for her. Shannon took Skai under her wing, but after a year or so after the passing of their mother, Shannon gained a weakness for men. Skai found herself alone most of the time because Shannon spent day in and day out with her boyfriend(s). All her brothers had turned to drinking and drugs, so she learned at an unusually early age how to fend for herself.
Twenty-three year old Skai, laid in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering how she ended up there. She was a grown woman with no education, no job because of it, and no family to talk to. No friends either. It was just her. Once again, the tears filled her eyes as the pain of it all tugged at her heart. She felt ill. She got up out of bed and exited the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall of her apartment and entered the bathroom. She rushed over to the toilet as the vomit ejected from her esophagus and shot out her mouth. She flushed to drown out the sound while tears began to trickle down her face. She stood up, walked over to the sink, and rinsed her mouth out. She looked in the mirror and hated her reflection. It wasn’t that she wasn’t beautiful, because she was. She didn’t like what she had become. Although she was beautiful, she had extremely low self-esteem. She didn’t like being a gold digger. She hated having to act out degrading sex acts with men for their money. To her, that was the only way for her to survive this cold, cruel world. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as the tears continued to trickle down her face. Why me Lord? She questioned in her mind. Why can’t I be smart? Why wasn’t I special enough to have more than a six grade education? Those were the questions that she asked her heavenly father on a regular basis. Her thoughts were cut short when she heard a knock at the bathroom door followed by a man’s voice.
“Are you okay in there?” the voice sounded out.
“I’m fine. Give me a second,” Skai replied, as she turned on the water and proceeded to splashing water on her face.
“Hurry up, I’m ready for round two!” he said in a degrading tone.
Skai wanted to yell, “GET THE HELL OUT MY APARTMENT AND GO BACK TO YOUR FUCKING WIFE AND KIDS YOU FAT ASS MUTHAFUCKA!” but she knew she couldn’t do that since her rent was already past due and this was her only way of bringing it current. She splashed water on her face once more; dabbed it dry with a dry towel, let out a sigh and exited the bathroom. She walked back to her room to a chubby, unattractive man, with a hard on. This cannot be what I was put on this earth to do!” she thought, as she walked toward her queen size bed and proceeded with acting out sexual favors just to be able to please her landlords bank account.
After stopping by her landlord’s, apartment to drop off her back rent, Skai decided to continue her search for a job. She had already filled out applications at all the fast food restaurants, the department stores, and the gas stations in the area. She decided to hit up the mall and just go from store to store looking for something, anything. She hated sleeping with the unknown guy for money. Unlike most girls her age, she wasn’t into all the brand name clothes, shoes, and purses. She just wanted to have a place to sleep and food on the table. Most of the day, she had been calling the places that she had applied for. All that they told her was that they will call her if a position opened up, yet there were hiring signs in the window. One person was straightforward with her. She told her, “You do not have the level of education needed to work for this fast food restaurant and all that’s needed, is a work permit, GED, or a high school diploma.” She didn’t stop there. After sitting there listening to the woman tell her that she should be ashamed of herself for not having anything more than a six grade education and that the only job she will be able to get is sliding up and down a stripper pole, Skai hung up on her. She curled up on her sofa, then cried her eyes out. Truth is no one knew her pain. No one knew that Skai loved school and hated that she wasn’t allowed to go. No one knew how she was abused by her brother and his friends just for fun after their mother passed. No one knew how it felt to have only one person in the world that somewhat cared about you, but that person was too consumed in their own personal life to pay you even a little bit of attention. These were all the things that weighed heavy on Skai’s heart.  Here she was twenty-three years old walking through the mall in a pair of jogging pants, an oversized t-shirt, and a pair of ran down sneakers. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Even with unattractive gear on, her natural beauty stood out. Her cocoa colored skin, almond shaped eyes, with long curly eyelashes and her full lips caught the attention of one particular guy that sat off in the cut, watching her go from one store to the next. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was filling out applications. He watched as she walked past girls that laughed at her ensemble. Skai ignored them, yet even a blind man could see that she was ashamed. After filling out the last application of the day, Skai headed for the exit of the mall. Before she made it through the second set of doors, she felt a tap on her shoulder followed by the sound of a man’s voiced.
“Hey, baby girl, you got a second?” he asked, grasping her attention.
She turned around, facing him and replied, “No, I really have to go.” She never looked up at the guy. She continued searching her purse for her bus pass.
“Is this what you’re looking for?” he asked, as he held up the bus pass.
She finally looked up at him. She froze as she took in the handsomeness of the guy that stood before her, holding up her bus pass. “You dropped this back there,” he said.
She broke away from her trance and responded, “Yes, thank you!” He handed her the bus pass. She looked him in the eye for a second, then quickly turned away. She began to walk away, but he stopped her once again.
“It’s a bit too cold for a beautiful young lady like yourself to be walking to the bus stop,” he said.
She quickly threw her guard up. “I’ll be fine,” she said.
“How about I give you a lift,” he said, as he followed behind her.
She turned toward him and couldn’t help but take in his full appearance. He was by far the finest she had ever seen. He was about six feet, chocolate, and bald. His teeth were so white and perfect that you would think that they were veneers. The man that stood before her was a split image of the singer Tyrese. She instantly thought that this man was out of her league, so she declined his offer. He didn’t let up. “Okay. Well, if you won’t let me give you a lift, how about I ride the bus with you just to make sure you get home safe?” he offered with a straight face.
“I think I will be okay,” she replied. “Besides, I only have one bus pass.”
He chuckled. “I think I can afford to pay for my own bus ride. As a matter of fact, how about you save that bus pass and let me pay for your bus fare, since you won’t let me give you a ride in a warm and comfortable car,” he said, as he hit the button on his remote and listened to his truck start up. She turned her attention to the burgundy 2013 Toyota Sequoia then back at him.
“What is it that you want?” she asked.
“All I want is to take you out for a bite to eat and give you a lift home,” he said while grinning. She began to feel a bit at ease. One thing that she noticed was that when he spoke to her, he looked her square in the eye. That took her back to something that her mother used to tell her as a child: Look me in my eyes when you’re talking to me, otherwise, I will think that you are being deceitful, her mother’s voice played back in her mind. She remembered her mother having to tell her each time what “deceitful” meant. She smiled at him for the first time since he spoke to her. But, that smile disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.
“Why me?” she asked. “There are some pretty girls inside the mall with nice clothes on and their hair done up all pretty. I’m sure they will love to go out with you, and I’m quite positive that you will love to show them off,” she said.
“How you gonna tell me what I like?” he said, still smiling. “I saw someone that I wouldn’t mine showing off as you say, but she won’t give me a break,” he replied. She just stood there with her head hung. He reached out and lifted her head with his index finger. “Now, are you gonna let me take you out?”
“I don’t have any money,” she said, as she placed her hand on her hip.
“You don’t need any,” he said, placing one hand on her back and escorted her to his truck. He opened the door and ushered her inside, then shut it behind her. He walked over to the driver’s side, and hopped in. He sat there for a few, waiting for the heat to kick on. “Now, isn’t that seat much warmer and softer than those hard ass seats on the bus?” he joked.
She laughed. “This is a nice truck,” she said. “It’s very spacious.”
“Thank you!” he said. He shifted the gear in drive and pulled out of his parking spot. “So what’s your name?” he asked.
“Skai,” she answered.
“Skai, huh? A pretty name for a pretty girl,” he responded while turning out the mall parking lot. “Well, I go by the name of Izzy.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Izzy,” she said as she got comfortable in her seat. She had never been in the company of a man so good looking, nor have she ever rode in a car so nice. Although she liked him, for some reason felt safe with him. She promised herself that she would keep her guard up. That way when he came to his senses and dropped her, she wouldn’t feel any pain like she felt when her family disowned her, leaving her to battle her brother alone.
As they drove through the streets of Chicago, Skai melted in the plush leather seats. She then felt heat coming from the seat, warming her cold thighs. He noticed her expression.
“That heat feels good doesn’t it?” he said to her.
“Yes it does,” she replied.
“So, Skai, where are you from?” Izzy asked, trying to spark up a conversation.
“Oh, I’m from right here in Chicago. How about you?” she said.
“I’m from here myself. Tell me a little about yourself,” Izzy replied.
Skai turned and looked out the window, then replied. “There isn’t much I can say. I have nothing good to say. Plus, I don’t need a pity party, so I rather not discuss my life. It’s a sad life is all I will say.”
Izzy looked at her. He knew right then and there that this girl was fragile. He knew at that very moment that he had to walk on egg shells with her. One wrong move or question, she would break. He took a mental note of the sorrow in her voice when she spoke her last words. “Okay, it is too early for me to be asking about your past, so I apologize,” Izzy said. “Can you at least tell me what you like to do for fun?”
“Fun,” she chuckled. “I don’t even know what that feels likes anymore. Nothing that I do is fun. I job hunt all day every day only to get turned down. That’s not fun. I do things that I don’t want to do just to get my rent paid, that’s not fun. I try calling my only sister just to say hi, and I get her voicemail each and every time, that’s not fun. And let’s not forget that all my brothers are strung out on that white shit. I am out here in this cold ass world by myself, trying to do the best that I can. There is nothing fun about that. How about you, what you do for fun?” she asked sarcastically. He didn’t know how to answer.
I have to learn more about this girl, Izzy thought to himself. In the meantime, he planned to add some sunshine to her gloomy world. He knew just the place.
Twenty-five minutes later, Izzy pulled up in front of David Buster’s. Skai looked over and said, “I am not dressed to go to a place like this.”
“You are fine, come on!” he said as he stepped out the truck, then walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for her. She was hesitant at first, but then swallowed her pride and got out the truck. They walked into David Buster’s and they couldn’t be more opposite. Izzy was dressed in a pair of Pelle jeans and a Pelle thermal with a Limited Edition Pelle leather jacket on. He had on a fitted hat and a pair of Cole Haan’s. By the look of them, people would think one or two things. They would either think that they were not together, or that they were a couple that consisted of a man not taking care of his chick. Skai felt out of place. She looked around the place, scoping out the women that were there alone, as well as, the women that were there with their men.  Women began to pay attention to Izzy. He was even been stared at by women that were standing next to their guys. As they walked past the bar, they both heard the whispers and the chuckles coming from the women. Skai wasn’t feeling right. Izzy turned and looked at Skai. He could see the hurt and embarrassment in her face. Before he could utter a word, Skai turned and walked back out the door. He went after her. He thought that DB’s will have made her smile, but he was wrong. He caught up with her just as she exited the establishment.
“Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked her.
“This isn’t for me,” she said. “I don’t know why you’re into me of all people, but this is not my cup of tea. You saw what I saw and you heard what I heard. I’m used to that, but I’m sure you’re not. Thanks for the ride, but I will be fine. You are a very nice person,” she said. With that, she turned and walked away. Izzy started to go after her once again, but he didn’t want to be a pest. He stared at her as she walked away from him. His heart ached for her. He knew that she was scarred. He knew that she didn’t dress like other women. She was the complete opposite of the women he was used to dating, but that’s what he liked most about her. Her beauty was all natural. Against his first mind, he went after her again. He jogged down the street, catching up with her. He took her hand and simply said, “Come on, baby girl. We don’t have to go in there. Let me just take you home,” he said, looking her in the eye. She looked back at him.
“You don’t give up, do you?” she asked.
“Nope, never have. When I see something that I’m drawn too, I go for it,” he replied. She wanted to object again but she felt that the sooner she got home, the sooner she can go about her life. He guided her back to his car and once again ushered her in. She directed him to her apartment.
When he pulled up in front of her apartment building, he threw his truck in park. She went for the door handle, but when she noticed that he turned his car off, she turned her attention toward him. He sat back in his seat, and looked at her before speaking.
“I know you don’t know me, baby girl, but can you please answer me this one question?” he didn’t speak she just looked at him. He continued. “Why is your self-esteem so low?”
That question caught her off guard. She hung her head. “Why do you feel like I have low self-esteem?
“Look at you. You have your head hung as if you can’t look a person in the eye. Not to mention the fact that I step to you and ask you out and you start talking about other women that you feel is easier on the eye than you. I’m no expert, but that seems like a case of low self-esteem to me.”  
“Well, I guess that would make you an expert because I will be honest. I don’t like what I am,” she admitted. “I do feel like those women were more attractive than me and that made me wonder why you would past them up to talk to me.”
Once again, he lifted her chin up. “Can you look at me for a second?” he asked. She waited a couple of seconds before turning to him. “I saw you, I liked you, and I approached you! Only one that seems to have a problem with what you’re wearing is you, not me. I saw a pretty face and I went in for the kill. All of what you’re talking about are material things. The ugliest woman can have on a banging fit, hair done, and nails done, but would that make me interested in her? No.”
“What do you want from me?” she asked in a sincere tone.
“All I ask is that you give me a chance,” he said. Skai was really into Izzy. He had everything that she could dream of wanting in a man, but at the same time she wondered what his motives were. After all she’s gone through in her life, she couldn’t help but worry that there was a catch of some sort. She wanted to object once again, but what if she was wrong is what she asked herself. Maybe he has no motives. Maybe he just likes me. Naw! A man this fine couldn’t be interested in me. Maybe he can. She went back and forth with her conscious for a while. I wouldn’t know until I tried. I will just keep my guard up just in case, she thought before speaking out loud.
“I guess I can do that,” she replied.
“That’s all I ask, baby girl. Do you have a number so I can call you later?”
“No. I don’t have a phone. I’m sorry,” she said ashamed. Izzy reach over and popped open his glove box and retrieved an iPhone 4.
“Here take that. It’s already on and the number is on the back. You can use that one. I will call you later on it to see if you’re up for dinner or something, cool?”
This has to be some kind of trick. Is this guy real? She thought as she looked at him then at the phone, then back at him. “You are too nice. Thank you so much!” she said, as tears began to form in her eyes. She wasn’t used to anyone being so nice to her. Even the men that wanted sex from her, wasn’t that nice.
“Oh , baby girl that is nothing,” he said. “There are some good men left in the world and I am one of them so as long as you allow me to, I can give you a whole lot more.”
She smiled and opened the door, then stepped out. She held up the phone, then said, “I’ll be waiting for your call.” The tears were still in her eyes as she turned and walked away, heading for her apartment. Izzy stepped out of his truck, walked around to the opposite side and stood there, watching to be sure that she got inside. First and foremost, I got to move her out this ran down ass neighborhood, he thought to himself as she disappeared inside of her apartment building.  
Chapter Three
Izzy walked into his house, took off his coat, and headed straight for his office. He unlocked the door to his office, then walked in. He had recently purchased this home so he had boxes piled up in the corner of his office, a computer on his cherry wood desk, and a flat screen on the wall. He took a seat at his desk and picked up a manila folder, then cracked it open. He sat back, staring at the picture of the beautiful woman. He vowed to never mix business with pleasure, but he couldn’t resist falling for the girl. The more he dug and learned about her, the more he wanted her. He smiled at the brown skinned woman that had the most beautiful eyes, yet they were filled with so much sorrow. The name Skai Kerwood ran across the top of the page. In his hand, he held her life story. He powered up his computer, ready to dig some more when he heard his doorbell ring. He wasn’t expecting anyone. He had a rule not to come by without calling first. He stuck his hand under his desk, unstrapping the pistol he had stashed there. The doorbell rang again. He headed for the door with his pistol clutched tightly in his hand. He first looked through the peep hole. “Nigga, you know you supposed to call first,” he said, as he unlocked the door. He swung the door open. “Because I grab one of these cribs out here in y’all neck of the woods, you gonna be popping up unannounced and shit?” he joked. “What’s up with you, X?”
Xavier walked in and greeted his boy with a man hug.
“That’s how you do me? I hook you up with this crib and I can’t even get an invite?” Xavier said sarcastically.
“You know you’re always welcomed, dawg!” Izzy said, as he closed the door behind X.
“I just stopped by to see how you liking the crib?” Xavier said, as he looked around the extravagant home.
“Aw man, I love it. It’s a long way from the city,” Izzy replied.
“You are a millionaire and you stayed in the hood. That is some shit that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. I’m shocked a niggah didn’t try you out there.”
“Come on now, X, don’t play me like that. Those niggah’s know better!” Izzy said in a stern tone.
“Yeah, I know. I’m just fucking with you, dawg,” Xavier said. He flopped down on the sofa, while Izzy took a seat on the loveseat. “So what’s been up?”
“Shit. I want to ask you something though. By the way, how is Deja and the kids?”
“They cool. My princess is getting big now. She’s five months now. Jeremiah is beginning to give me a run for my money. I don’t know what’s been up with him lately, but his attitude is off the chain. Deja think that it has something to do with Xyla taking up a lot of our attention, but I don’t think that’s it. I’m starting to see a bit of Latasha in him. He is getting a mean streak in him, but I’m going to break my foot off in his ass if he keeps it up.”
“Damn, not my Jeremiah.”
“Yeah man!”
“Has he asked about Latasha yet?” Izzy asked.
“Naw, he hasn’t as of yet.”
“How is your relationship with your pops going?”
“It’s straight. He and my moms have been kicking it lately. I’m not sure how I feel about that. He is still knee deep in the streets and from what I hear, that niggah got hella enemies, so I’m not sure if I’m feeling her hollering at him. I tried to talk to her about it, but she wasn’t trying to hear me. She hated him, so I don’t know how he ended up smoothing things over with her,” Xavier replied.
“Maybe she hated him because she was in love with him. Sounds stupid as hell, I know, but I see it happening all the time. You are madly in love with someone, but because they don’t show you love in return, you find yourself hating them. I’m actually going through something similar to that now. It’s not love, but I really like this girl,” Izzy admitted. Xavier sat up in his seat with all ears and a smile on his face. He had been telling Izzy for the longest that he need to stop working so much and find a chick to settle down with instead of wasting time with these good for nothing ass chicks that he had been fucking with lately. Xavier saw the look in his eyes as he spoke about the girl. The look was all too familiar to him. It was the same look that Jay told him that he had when he first met Deja.
“What’s her name?” Xavier asked.
“Skai,” Izzy answered. “Her name is Skai,” he repeated as he sat back and began rubbing his bald head.
“Why you look all frustrated? What, she won’t give you no play or something?” said Xavier.
“This girl is going to be a piece of work. She is scarred, dawg!”
“How you meet her?” Xavier asked.
Izzy shook his head before answering. “I was doing a job and I ran across her. When I first seen her, I was like damn she is beautiful. After I seen her, I ran a background on her and man, this girl has been through it!”
“She hired you or something?” Xavier asked with curiosity.
“Naw, I was hired by this chick to investigate her husband. She felt he was doing dirt. I followed him to a location on the south side. That’s how I found her. I watched as she acted out sexual favors on the dude. From then, I’ve been watching ol’ girl. X, this girl has it bad!”
“You mean to tell me that you’re trying to holla at a chick that you watched fucking another nigga?” Xavier asked.     
“Naw, she wasn’t fucking dude. Well, she was, but not how you think.” Xavier sat there looking stone faced. “He was the one being fucked. She was fucking this nigga with a dildo, dawg!” Xavier sat and stared at Izzy. He was at a loss for words. At the same time, he felt his stomach turning as a mental picture flashed through his mind.
“Please tell me there is a reason for that?” Xavier said in disgust.
“If I’m not mistaken and I’m sure I’m not, she was doing it to pay this one cat that owns the building. I saw her hand him some paper. I ran him too, he does own the spot. This place is a hole in the wall joint too, X. There is no way that place is up to code to be renting to anybody!” Izzy said.
“So let me get this straight. You got the fever for a chick that fucks nigga’s in the ass to pay her rent?”
“If you want to put it like that, yeah!” Izzy replied in disbelief himself.
Xavier shook his head. “I’ve seen worse. Hell, you seen the shit I had to deal with, so who am I to judge,” Xavier said with a chuckle.
“She doesn’t get around. I asked a couple of nigga’s in the neighborhood about her and they said she keeps to herself. No friends, family, or shit. I’m telling you, X, this girl is damaged inside. I just hope she isn’t too far gone.”
“Deja was scarred too, so it’s not a lost cause,” Xavier replied.
“Naw, X, Deja was a poster child compared to what I read up on with this girl!”
“Damn,” was all Xavier could say. He loved his wife, but he didn’t think that it got much worse than her situation. He was definitely wrong!
Skai sat, staring at the phone that Izzy had given her, waiting for it to ring. It had been a few hours since he’d dropped her off and he had yet to call. She began to feel somewhat depressed because she really liked him, but she had the feeling that he was too good to be true. She sat on the couch, staring at her box TV. She was probably the only person in the world with one of those in this day and age. The color was pretty much gone. When she would try to watch a show, the TV would cut off right in the middle of the program. She would have to hit the side of the TV, then power it back on. That happened at least three to four times during a thirty minute show. She found herself reading a book after the channel 9 news was cut short because the TV had cut off yet again. She felt her eyes getting heavy when she heard a knock on her door. She stood up, went over to the door, and looked out the peep hold. She blew her breath, then opened the door.
“What is it? I gave you your rent,” Skai said to her landlord, Jerome.
“That you did, but that’s not why I’m here,” he said, as he walked in and shut the door. She hated how he just intruded on her space. This was something that he did on a regular basis. If she had the money to leave, she would have a long time ago.
“What do you want then?” she said.
“This is a friendly visit. Actually, this may be something that could benefit us both,” he said, as he sat down on the raggedy sofa. She flopped down on the opposite sofa. “I see that you got dropped off today by that dude in that nice ass truck,” he said.
The thought of him, brought a slight smile to her face, but she quickly hid it. “So you’re spying on me, Jerome?”
“Nobody’s spying on you. I was looking out my window long before you pulled up,” said Jerome. “But like I said, this is a friendly visit. That dude that dropped you off, that’s your new nigga?” he asked.
“No, why you say that?” Skai asked.
“How do you know him then?” Jerome said, answering her question with a question.
“I don’t know him. He just gave me a ride. Why you all up in my business?” she said a bit agitated. “Just yesterday, you were threatening to throw me out on my ass and now you in here talking to me like we are the best of friends. What are you up to?” she asked through squinted eyes.
“You and I can both come up off that nigga,” he said with a devilish grin. “That is Izzy!”
“I know his name. How do you know him?” she asked.
“How do I know him? The question is, how do you not? The entire hood knows who that nigga is. He ran with Xavier and Jay a few years ago. Those nigga’s are paid out their asses.” She didn’t respond; she just stared at him, wondering what the hell he was talking about. “All those nigga’s ran the streets and still do. I’m talking about millionaires. “
“Millionaires?” she said in shock.
“Yes, multi-millionaires! We can come up off these nigga’s and we will both be able to move out this ran down ass building. Since you pulled up with dude, I’ve been thinking of a master plan and I got it. I know how we can come at these nigga’s. You in?” he asked.
She sat there staring at him for a minute. That type of money could change my life. I could finally move up out this dump and be free from this no good ass nigga right here!” she thought to herself. She looked down at the phone that Izzy had just given her, then turned her attention back to her slumlord. She answered his question. He stood and walked out, ready to set his plan in motion.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Under Eye Concealer and Highlight Trio Set

Under Eye Concealer Trio Set
I have been loving this trio set I created for myself. I have dark circles under my eyes and always feel like I am naked if I don't apply something to give my pretty almond eyes that pop they need. I have explored all the dark circles eye creams, gels, secrums and cleansers. But over course I inherited this. So without the right set, I look tired at work, and found a way to help cover these dark circles.
First Step:

MAC Prolong Wear Concealer-$18 in NW 40

A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Color-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles and discolorations.
Second Step

Ben Nye Powder in Banana or Chestnut $5-$13
Ben Nye Luxury Powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing.

This powder is a great setting powder to highlight and set your concealer of your choice. I leave this on while I finish applying my blush, highlighter, contour and lips.

Final Step
Real Techniques Setting Brush $8
The key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter
I love this brush, its been hard to find a great brush that will work with the Ben Nye Powder and provide that clean sweep I need. Also, this brush is great to blend in your concealer. I am actually thinking of getting another one just to have as a backup.
Now my under eye combination has my eyes pop with a hint of color and the highlight is great and refreshing.
I wanted to share and let you know after a few test looks this works great.
Bye Beauties,